The Great Gatsby (2013)

Directed: Baz Luhrmann
USA, English

First off, I never read the book. I think just my luck with different English teachers prevented me from reading it for school. Once high school is over, I had other books I wanted to read.

With that said, ohmygosh I wish I read the book! This movie was good!

FL01_010.jpgSet in the roaring 20s, Nick Carraway (Toby Maguire) a bond salesman, is our narrator. We are watching events unfold through his point of view. Nick moves into a small home on Long Island. Next door is a mansion with a neighbor who Nick has yet to meet. Across the Bay, Nick’s cousin Daisy Buchanan (Carry Mulligan) and her husband, Tom Buchanan (Joel Edgerton) live in an extravagant home. We learn that Tom has a not-so-secret mistress. One day Nick gets a personal invite to a party next to his home. At this party, we finally meet Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCarpio). Jay was a charismatic man with hopes and dreams of his future, even though he seemed to have it all by the time we meet him. As it turns out, Jay has all the riches in the world, but is waiting for Daisy to share it with. Jay intrust Nick to help him bring Daisy back to him (they were together years ago). Eventually, Daisy and Jay are reunited and all seemed well for the couple. That is until Tom finds out. Jay and Daisy decide they want to be together and Daisy will have to tell Tom she never loved him. However, when the day arrives, Daisy couldn’t bring herself to say it. After an argument broke out between Tom, Jay, and Daisy (Nick witnesses it all), Daisy flees out of the room, Jay follows. We find out that Daisy accidentally killed Tom’s mistress (her fault she ran out into the street thinking it’s Tom). Jay, the loving man he is, takes the fall and waits for Daisy to call so they can finally be together. Well, unbeknownst to Jay, Daisy told Tom the ordeal and they decide to get out of town. Jay waits for that phone call. Only to be shot by the mistress’ husband. Nick was the only who attended Jay’s funeral.

That was a very,very, short version of the film. But watch it to get the rest of it!

The-Great-Gatsby-2013-Movie-PosterNick’s character development over the course of the film was interesting to watch. He started off as a hopeful and cheerful man. By the end of the film, he was seeing a psychiatrist for his anger and anxiety . Jay kept love and hope alive throughout the movie for me. No matter what he saw no wrong in Daisy. He did everything for her. He threw large parties with the hopes she would walk through those doors. He bought a home across the bay from her place to be closer. which was very sweet of him, but also the reason he died. The Buchanans are selfish beings who only care for themselves. I believed that Daisy was in a loveless marriage and that she truly loved Jay. She did love Jay, but not enough. She was concerned only for herself and herself alone.

My absolute FAVORITE part of the film, was the soundtrack! 1920s parties with Jay-Z playing in the background. It was the perfect mix between the past and modern day. Even though the music was obviously from today, it didn’t mess up the feel of the movie. The scenes played well with the music.

Lastly, the cinematography was AMAZING! Each scene made me feel like I was reading a book (I honestly don’t know how to describe it). Words popped out on screen. Each image was beautifully set up. The transition between scenes seemed flawless.

It’s really hard for me to describe how much I love this film, but I do!

Good show Old Sport!



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