Two Weddings and a Funeral (2012)

Director: Jho Gwang-soo Kim
South Korea, Korean

I saw the trailer for the movie and I thought it looked pretty interesting.

Min-soo (Dong Yoon Kim) and Hyo-jin (Hyeon-kyeong Ryu) get married in the beginning of the movie. However, Min-soo loves men and Hyo-jin loves women. Min-soo decided to marry to escape the eyes of those who hate gay people. Hyo-jin ended up marring only because her partner, Seo-yeong, are trying to adopt a baby. Both of them are doctors in a hospital that isn’t welcoming, so they must keep their true sexualities a secret. Min-soo meets a man named Suk and Hyo-jin’s past caught up to her. By the end of the movie, one of their good friends dies as a victim of a hate crime. Both husband and wife end up marring their partners and open up a clinic together for everyone.

I thought this movie was going to be hilarious, but it had some funny parts. I wasn’t dying or anything.

The film mainly focused on Min-soo and his life. We see his feeling, his struggles, his friends and family, etc. However, I wished the story was based around both him and his wife. Even though her storyline was small, I thought there could have been big potential to it. I also thought the film should of brought to light how they met and how they came to the conclusion to get married. We just know that Min-soo and Hyo-jin attend school together.

I think this movie is worth watching because it gives us a different scenario, but I thought it could be better.


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