The Otherside (2013)

Director: Daniel Torok
USA, English

For those who don’t know. I do love Seattle. I also enjoy Seattle music. Most people know us for early 90’s grunge. However, if you watch this film, you’d understand that there is something new here in the Seattle music scene.

The Otherside is a documentary about Seattle music. Mainly focusing on the Seattle hip hop scene. Many people know Macklemore & Ryan Lewis due to their recent success. But for those not living in Seattle, we have a pretty cool music thing going on. We get to meet different artist representing Seattle. My personal favorite is Blue Scholars since I’ve been following them the most. All the artist speak about Seattle and the music brewing in the city.

My absolute favorite thing about the movie, is how all the artist agree on one thing. Seattle has no sound. We have plenty of different sounds but we are all so different that you couldn’t even pinpoint what Seattle sounds like. Seattle is such a unique city and our music reflects that. It was pretty awesome to see many different artist on the doc. I found a lot of artist I want to start listening too.

I recommend this film to those who love the Seattle music or to those who want to learn more of what Seattle has to offer. Definitely a cool movie. Super short though.

Fun Fact: One of the producers of the film is J.R. Celski, Olympic speed skater. Go NW! 😀


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