The Trials of Muhammad Ali (2013)

Director: Bill Siegel
USA, English

Oh my… I’ve watched a bunch of movies since I last wrote a post and now I’m behind. Forgive me that my blogs will be shorter than usual because my mind is backed up with films. AHH #firstworldproblems.

We all know him as “the greatest,” but what is so interesting about his film is that it captures a side of Muhammad Ali that we don’t normally see. We understand his religious views back in the 60’s. We get to understand the relationship he had with leaders of the Black Muslim movement and his relationship with MLK and white people in general. The audience also gets to watch the trails Muhammad Ali had to go through because he refused to fight in the way against those who did nothing to him. He got a lot fo backlash from people sides of race, but it was just interesting to watch how he justified his reasoning.

There are interviews from those in his boxing career to his family to his ex-wife. Everyone has something to say about him. He definitely was a cocky person. I wonder if I’d like him if I lived back then. He just seem very set in his ways by calling white people the devil and he did believed in separate but equal. Back then he wanted nothing to do with white people and saw no point in joining together the wat MLK had envision.

I really enjoyed how the touched lightly on his boxing and the main focus was to understand Muhammad Ali as a regular person and not the great boxer that he is. I’m very into documentaries at the moment, so of course I think this is a must watch.


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