Her Aim is True (2013)

Director: Karen Whitehead
USA, English

This documentary is all about Jini Dellaccio, a middle aged women in the 60s who became one of the most well know photographers in the up and coming rock n’ roll scene. She shot images of this new genre  and bands were coming to her. She started life as a musician and later became interested in photography. The audiences gets to take a look into her past life and her life today. She is a 92 year old lady who is still enjoys taking pictures in good ol’ Washington State. The doc featured many bands and they spoke of how much they adored Jini. She was so much older than the bands she took pictures of; so she called them her children.

I enjoyed this movie because photography interest me. Also the fact she’s living in Washington. Pretty cool to have a legend in the same state as you. Most importantly, I enjoyed this movie because Jini as a 92 year old woman is the cutest thing ever! AH. so adorbz.

If you think you wont like this movie because you’re not connected to 60s rock or photography. You’ll like it because she’s just a cute old lady.


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