Full Circle (2012)

Director: Yang Zhang

full-circle-2012-1One of the most adorable films I’ve ever watched! I don’t know if I have an obsession with old people but this movie was one of my faves so far!

The story starts off as Mr. Ge Sr. (Xu Huanshan) has to move into a nursing home after his wife dies. He has a estranged relationship with his son. He meets up with his friend Mr. Zhou (Wu Tianming). Mr. Zhou comes up with a crazy idea to get on a variety TV show. Many of the seniors in the home are all for it. But the nursing staff and the families are against it. After trying to convince everyone, the two friends with the other members of the act set out to actually do the show. By the end of the movie, we find out Mr. Zhou was hiding the fact he has a serious illness. Also that the real reason to sign up to the show was to see his daughter one  more time in Japan. He thought if they made it to finals in Japan he would see his daughter one more time. Sadly Mr. Zhou died at the end of the movie. But he died in front of the ocean, where on the other side he knew his daughter was there.

This movie had all the right emotions. I had good laughs with the cute old people trying hard to make a show. But what really got me was the fact that all these people were sad that their families left them in a home. Mr. Ge Sr. cried so hard because he was lonely. He lost his second wife, his son hates him, and he barely was around his already adult grandson. Other seniors in the home had the same problem. It was sad to see how lonely they were. I’m the kind of person who feels sad when I see old people sitting alone at a table in a restaurant. It got to me. But at the end. Mr. Ge Sr. was able to make amends with his son and his grandson. All because his grandson took a chance to get to know him. At first his grandson only wanted money, but by the end he realized he loved his grandfather.

I also thought it was super cute how an old lady had alzheimer’s and thought Mr. Zhou was her husband. Not one person question her or got mad at her. Instead they let her believe that.

This movie had everything for me.

PS. I wanted to write this with the proper Chinese names but all I could find were “Mr. so and so”


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