Paradise: Love (2012)

Director: Ulrich Seidl
Austria, German

paradiseLove_2225419bThe trailer looked very promising. The story is about an older woman who goes to Kenya with some friends and tries to find love with the local men there. I thought, okay cool. I haven’t seen a movie about a sugar mama before. Let’s give it a try. I never knew how awkward this movie was too watch.

The main character, Teresa (Margarethe Tiesel) goes to Kenya with an open heart and tries to find love. However, she falls for men who constantly ask her for money. It’s a different form of prostitution. They don’t ask for money up front, but ask them to pay for their family problems. Teresa falls victim to this twice.

I definitely saw a lot of naked. She was naked, the men were naked. Just too much naked. There is even a scene we’re the actresses are touching a strippers junk. Ugh. I was not trying to see so many naked scenes.

This movie did have a good storyline though. I must give it credit for making me feel uncomfortable  But it felt as if I was watching real life versus a scripted film.

This movie is the first of 3. But personally, the naked scenes turned me off to see the rest. So. eh. Not really my type of film.


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