Geography Club (2013)

Director: Gary Entin
USA, English

I think my favorite type of movies to watch lately are about gay teens coming out. But yes. GOOD MOVIE. Apparently this was a book first. Did not know that, but it’s all good because it was still a good movie!

High school student, Russell (Cameron Stweart), is exploring this new territory. He doesn’t know if he’s gay or not and decides to go on a date with someone he met online. Turns out the other boy is a jock at his high school, Kevin (Justin Deeley). Russell and Kevin share a passionate kiss in the rain while at some sort of science retreat. As they are getting their kiss on, Russell’s friend Min (Ally Maki) happens to walk by. She said, “oh shit.” Then Kevin runs away.  Min gives both of them a note to meet her after school. Russell ends up being the only one to go. Turns out Min invited them to the Geography Club. Which is not actually a Geography Club but a gay/lesbian support group. The only members are Min, her girlfriend Teresa (Nikki Blonsky), and a guy named Ike (Alex Newell) who ends up changing his gay percentage throughout the movie.

Russell finds comfort in the group. He has to hide his relationship with Kevin by being a football player. Russell’s best friend Gunner (Andrew Caldwell) also makes it difficult to figure himself out when Gunner sets him up on blind dates with some girls.

By the end of the movie, Russell is out and proud. Kevin decides to keep hiding it, thus causes Russell to break up with him. The Geography Club opens their doors to other students as a Gay Straight alliance (I don’t remember what it’s called).

My favorite scene was when Gunner walks into the official club meeting and just didn’t care that his best friend was gay. He reassured Russell that he could of told him. It made me think of when my friend came out to me (and I was the first person). I told him it didn’t matter to me. He was still friend no matter what. It just made me happy. Through out the film, Gunner and Russell were assigned to be parents to a doll for class. At the end of the movie they decide to make a video of their life with the baby. Russell said, “Are you sure you want to do this, they’ll think you’re gay.” Gunner said, “Who cares”. The video was called, “(whatever the baby’s name is) and her two gay Dad”. So cute. I love that!

Good movie!


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