Monsters University (2013)

Director: Dan Scanlon
USA, English

I am pretty excited to write about this movie right now. I was fortunate enough to watch a preview screening of the movie. So I wont reveal too much.

The movie takes place at Monsters University. We follow Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) from early childhood till he makes into MU. Mike dreamed of becoming the number 1 scarcer, but he wasn’t too scary to begin with. He meets his roommate Randall Boogs (Steve Buscemi), he was actually nice back then! Mike also met the son of the famous Sullivan, James “Sully” Sullivan (John Goodman). When they first met, they automatically hated each other. Their competiveness is seen though much of the first part of the movie. Sully might have what it takes to be scary physically, but Mike sure has the mind of a great one. Due to unforeseen events, they both got kicked out of the scaring program and must work together to get back in by winning the Scare Games.

Part of me actually likes this movie more than the first. Watching the university life of monsters was cool. Of course similar to human students, but with a monster twist. I liked how we got a look into Mike and Sully’s past and see what made them the dynamic duo that they are.

I also loved how the original voices came back! I love it when the same voices can be heard in two connected movies. I also thought it was funny that we got to seem some familiar characters at MU and at Monsters Inc.

There were unexpected twists to the story that made me enjoy the film even more. I loved the old characters and even the new ones! Overall I thought this movie was adorable. It had a good storyline and it made Mike and Sully more of an interesting character than just who they were in Monsters Inc.

PS: Another plus was I got to introduce this movie at the Seattle International Film Festival and met the Production Manager David Park.

My Rating: 9/10


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