Ernest & Celestine (2012)

Directors: Benjamin Renner, Stephane Aubier, Vincent Patar
France, French

Adorable film. It made me smile for sure! Celestine (Pauline Brunner) is a mouse living in her mouse city. She is fascinated by bears and believes they are good animals too. No one else in her town agrees with this view. Ernest (Lambert Wilson) is a poor bear who is just hungry. He goes into town in search of food. Celestine and Ernest cross path by Ernest trying to eat her at first. Celestine helps Ernest out looking for food, while he helps her find teeth to bring back to her mouse city. Things go wrong when Ernest falls asleep in the mouse city and Celestine is now a fugitive for even knowing a bear! Up in bear city, Ernest has committed a number of crimes such as breaking and entering into the sweets shop and the teeth shop (to help Celestine). The two run away together and live in Ernest’s home. They hide from both police. Lives seemed pretty good for the two friends until the police finally showed up. Both of them. They both defend each other and in the end the two of them finally live together in peace.

It’s a story of friendship. The directors welcome the theme of prejudice. Both communities disagree with their friendship but in the end, both prove themselves to their friend’s community. Friendship defeats all odds.

I loved the art work in the film. Usually, today’s animation you can tell it’s all done by computers. Not to say this movie was or not, but it kept to traditional animation or old school animation. Everything looked painted and reminded me of cartoon kids shows I watched as a kid. The art and the fact it was in french reminded me of the old show Madeline; especially in the beginning. All the little mice had rows of beds all in a line.

Honestly though, Ernest is a criminal. He broke into businesses and stole a car. Celestine’s only crime is stealing the teeth but in her community it wouldn’t even be a crime. But other than that this is a cute story.

My Rating: 8/10


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