Terms and Conditions May Apply (2012)

Director: Cullen Hoback
USA, English

I do not read the terms and conditions.Let me just get that out there. It’s long to read and who really wants to read such a long statement when you’re just signing up to something like facebook or pinterest. Terms and Conditions May Apply will have you rethink the concept of terms and conditions. It did for me.

Director Cullen Hoback and his team dug deep into what exactly can be found in the terms and conditions. Of course the biggest issue with everyone (including me) is privacy. Hoback shows the audience that things are really not that private and that the terms and conditions you’re agreeing it state that they have may have to share your info if necessary. Of course their just talking about government. But because our generation publishes everything online, what about those random strangers who may just find where you live. Thats pretty scary,

This film really makes and effort to have their viewers understand what they are really signing up for and the situations that may occur if you happen to say/write something worth a red flag. You just never know who may be watching.

My Rating: 8/10


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