The Girl With Nine Wigs (2013)

Director: Marc Rothemund
Germany, German

Man, I sure wish I was able the attend the SIFF showing of this film. The main actress and the subject were in attendance. I sure missed out.

The plot of the film starts off with 21-year-old Sophie (Lisa Tomaschewsky) ringing in the new year with her best friend. They vowed to make the next year the best one yet. However, Sophie gets diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Sophie has to think that her life may be cut short. As Sophie’s cancer treatment continues, her hair begins to fall out. Sophie decides to buy nine different wigs, all with big personalities. For each wig Sophie gets to live out her life while she is in this condition. The different names are Daisy. Enigmatic, Oema. Sue, Stella, Blondie, Platina, Pam, Lydia, and Bebé. Sophie has to find the balance between living her life to the fullest and focusing on beating the cancer.

This film cause me to become a glass case of emotions. You become so sad that she is diagnosed that you might, just might cry. You become happy when she has accepted that she does have cancer and decides to live out her life with it. You get mad at her for risking health and putting herself in danger. You feel for her when she found someone to love her. You feel for her when that person left. Finally you feel excited when she beat her cancer.

The fact that this film is based off a real person made me enjoy it even more. It brought out the realness of the situation. That there are people who are like her. Some of us might not see it because we take for granted how healthy we are. Some of us forget that situations like Sophie’s isn’t some made up story. These things happen.

I loved the character of Sophie. We see her fall and rise and fall again only to rise again. The fact that this character is real still amazes me how she endured all of the pain and suffering only to come out on top. Amazing.

My Rating: 10/10


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