Pacific Rim (2013)

Director: Guillermo del Toro
USA, English

WARNING: This will be a long post on reason WHY I actually LOVE this movie.

I know people might think I’m crazy to enjoy this movie so much. But you need to understand this about me. I love watching animes. So much that I will endure a shitty live-action version of animes. Now that you know that about me, let me explain this film.

Pacfic Rim is a story about a future world where Kaijus are destroying earth. Kaijus are these giant alien monsters that come out of the Pacific Ocean and start a rampage through cities. In order to stop these monsters, humans created large robots called Jaegers to fight them. Each robot has two people inside of it running the show. The two controllers link their brains together, which is called a drift. Once in a drift, the controllers are able to synchronize their movements and can read each other’s mind. The two pilots become one essentially. We follow Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) who starts off as a young and excited Jaeger pilot then becomes a fearful construction worker after his co-pilot/brother died while still in the drift with him. The Jaeger program is slowly shutting down and Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba), Raleigh’s former boss, is recruiting the best of the remaining Jaeger pilots in order to still fight off the Kaijus without the government’s help. As the film progresses we meet Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi), who ends up being drift compatible with Raleigh. Herc (Max Martini) and Chuck (Robert Kazinsky) Hanson, father and son duo whose personalities differ so much you can’t believe they are related. Dr. Hermann Gottlieb (Burn Gorman) and Dr. Newton Geiszler (Charlie Day), two men with radically different ideas of how to defeat the Kaijus. By the end of the film, The team was able to destroy the bridge between Earth and the world where the Kaijus came from.

Now here are some reason WHY I LOVE this film:

Mindset Switching. I watched the film without watching any trailers or even a synopsis about the movie. But once the film started my mind automatically switched from watching human actors to believing I was watching an anime. Since I’ve watch so many bad live-action films, this movie made me feel like I was watching a brand new anime. I began to forget these were real actors. Even when things didn’t make sense, such as the crazy personalities of the doctors, it made sense to me in a way that I can picture an anime character being portrayed the same way. Because of the fact I switch my mind, I think watching it through that lens made the film better than it would have been if I kept the idea that actual actors were in it.

Japanese Film/Anime Influences. The film had the feel of old Japanese movies/shows. I felt as if I were watching Godzilla, Zoids, Power Rangers, etc. I might have felt as if I was watching a large homage to Japanese cinema, but Pacific Rim was already so unique in itself that it stands alone.

The Worlds. Del Toro is a cinematic genius. Even in Pan’s Labyrinth he made a world where fantasy and reality collide, making it hard to tell what was real and what was imagination. This film didn’t disappoint in that. The idea that Kaijus and Jaeger happen to be a reality to this world was believable. It felt as if this reality existed. There is a world out there that has crazy gigantic robots fighting the large monsters of the sea. I defiantly got lost in this science-fiction reality world.

The Diversity of the Cast. I could lie and said he picked the best actors. But he did not. They were actually terrible. But since I’m in this anime mindset, I didn’t notice how well they were doing as actors. I was too caught up in the plot line. I loved how there was just a range of characters. The main people are a white man from the US, a black man from the UK, and a Japanese woman. Even in the minor characters, were mixed with different people around the world. It seemed as if no one had the same background and we all were living on Earth together. It didn’t feel as if we are living in the US and they are in China. The film made a unified world working together to defeat the Kaijus.

References I caught. I like catching things. Some Jaegers had women painted on their chest the same way WWII pilots painted women on the nose of the plane. It might be futuristic world, but that little artwork showed that we are in a war just with a different species. In Greek Mythology there were Titans and Olympians who fought in war against each other. Kaijus are the Titains while the Jaegers were the Olympians. Don’t take my word on this. But also the fact that the Kaijus came from a portal underwater reminded me how the Titians were trapped underwater (according to Disney’s Hercules, I don’t know the real mythology).

Amazing Character Backgrounds. I love the back-stories for the main characters. I would have never guess that Stacker Pentecost and Mako Mori we’re each other’s adopted family. The idea that Raleigh felt his brother die. Scary but amazing concept. The cute love story between Raleigh and Mako. Cuteness. The father and son pair. Would have never guessed until they said it. Stacker Pentecost’s past as a Jaeger Pilot. Good stories!

What I didn’t like too much:

Acting: not good. But it didn’t matter. I’m too caught up.

Minimal Character development. It’s okay though; anime’s need to go through tons of episodes for one but this one did an okay job.

Broken Continuity. Ugh. I hate it when a scene breaks continuity. It makes things uneven and unbelievable. One scene Dr. Geiszler was on the ground trembling because he thought he was going to die. Then cut to the next camera angle and he’s already up. Terrible cut scenes.

Overall, I have to say I really enjoyed this film. Despite the fact I enjoyed it, it did better international vs in the US. So if you strongly disagree with me, let me hear what you gotta say! 🙂 love discussion!

My Rating: 10/10


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