Say “I love you” (2012)

Sukitte Ii na yo
Director: Takuya Satō
Japan, Japanese

Oh man. I’ve been IMA for awhile. Sorry guys. Well I haven’t had a chance to watch a movie in a while. I’ve switched internships so I no longer get to watch as much movies as I did. But my love for movies wont die! lol.

I ended up watching this cute little anime on Hulu. Its about a girl named Tachibana Mei (Ai Kayano). She is a shy girl and didn’t care to make friends. She felt like people always abandoned her so she gave up. She ends up meeting Kurosawa Yamato (Takahiro Sakurai) because his friend lifted up her skirt. She was so pissed she turned around to kick him and thought it was Yamato. Throughout the series (which was only 13 episodes) Mei and Yamato become an item. Slowly Mei makes friends through Yamato. She also has to deal with the girls who love him because he is the idol of the school. Yamato stays true and only sees Mei because she’s different from all the others. We watch their ups and downs for 13 episodes. By the end they still are strong.

This was cute. I wouldn’t say it stood out to me though. Most high school animes are like this. It did annoy me how timid Mei was. But she is a shy high school student and it is her character.

I did like it. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t super great. Just cute.

Overall Rating: 6/10


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