Elysium (2013)

Director: Neill Blomkamp
USA, English, Spanish

I was pretty excited to watch this film. But I must say…eh.

Story begins in the year 2154. All the rich people have escaped Earth to live on this space station called Elysium. Elysium is this perfect place. Best thing about it is that it has these Med-Pods that detect any form of illness and zaps it out of your body and your are healed. The thing is you HAVE to be a citizen of Elysium to access it. The rest of the population has to suffer the over-population and poverty down on Earth. Max Da Costa (Matt Damon) is an ex-con trying to make a living on Earth by getting a real job. Sadly, he was hit with lethal dose of radiation and only has 5 days to live. He meets up with a guy called (Wagner Moura). Spider send people up to Elysium but isn’t very successful. Max tells Spider his situation and Spider agrees to send Max up. But only if Max steals important corporate secrets of Elysium by taking them from one of the important heads. Max, with the help of his friend and Spider’s men,  successfully steal info from John Carlyle (William Fichtner) by downloading info into his brain. Yes, by hooking up a wire to Max’s brain. Little did they know that they stole a computer program which was to reset Elysium and make Jessica Delacourt (Jodie Foster) the new president of the station. Max is now being hunted by one of Delacourt’s henchmen, Kruger (Sharlto Copley). Before all this ish happened. Max was trying to reconnect with his childhood love Frey (Alice Braga). He goes to Frey to tend to his wounds from fighting the henchmen. He finds out Frey has a daughter who has leukemia and realizes him being around him has put them in danger. Kruger finds out and kidnaps Frey and her daughter. Max and Matt DamonSpider find out what in his brain and Max decides he need to go up there NOW but Elysium put a no fly thing. So Max turns himself in to Kruger and head up to Elysium. The No Fly rule is lifted. Shit goes down and they crash land into Elysium. Max gets captured, Frey and her daughter get taken away, and Spider makes his way up. Delacourt is so pissed at Kruger for making a scene. So Kruger kills her. Now the main villain is Kruger. Kruger hunts Max. Max saves Frey and her daughter. Max finds Spider. Max fights Kruger. Kruger dies. Max and Spider reset Elysium and make all the people of Earth a citizen of Elysium. However, Max dies during the process. Frey’s daughter gets healed. Lastly, Med-Pods are sent to Earth to help everyone. The end.

Now, this is a good story. Love the idea of Med-Pods. It seem realistic because the over population and the poverty seem possible with the way our world is going now. It’s great that the hero saves the day. But there are many things about this movie that bothered me.

Max is an orphan: He lives in LA but LA pretty much turned into Mexico. He is the only Angelo living there. For me, I’m curious where he came from. Why is he the only one? Just seemed odd how he was the only white person and they didn’t explain why. At first I thought maybe he was from Elysium. I guess we don’t really need to know. But it bugged me.

Max and Frey: The two kids that played their childhood selves had wayyyyy more chemistry than the adults. Damon and Braga were not convincing enough for me to think they ever were romantic with each other. He didn’t even seem he liked her that much. It all seemed very platonic. Frey was a friend who was helping him and thats it. Not the girl he’s been in love with since childhood.

Frey’s daughter: I understand that we don’t really need to know where she came from. But where did she come from? Was that Max’s daughter? Was Frey married? Was the daughter born out of wedlock. I just need more character development.

Max and Delacourt: WHY DID THEY NOT CONNECT I feel like this movie just didn’t get it. For me there NEEDS to be interaction between the protagonist and the antagonist. Not even a phone call. The just didn’t meet. By the end of the movie they both were dead. The ONLY scene when they were together was when Delacourt goes into the room where Max was being detained, but he was groggy. They didn’t even directly talk. I couldn’t stand that.

Movie was….Meh. It’s okay. Not super bad, but not super good either.

My Overall Rating 6/10



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