Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Midseason Finale (2013)

Network: ABC Family
USA, English

Fair warning there will be spoilers (as always) and it’s more of me talking about the finale vs reviewing it.

This season is all about Answers. We find a lot of answers to our burning questions. In the beginning of the season, Mona answers all of the Liars’ questions. gave us a lot of clues this season. Less bitchy work then they usually do.

My main focus is the midseason finale.

  • Mona is at some home talking with Shaina
  • It’s confirmed Cece is part of the A team and is being paid off
  • There are 2 red coats
  • Allison is still alive
  • is EZRA!

Holy crap! What?! Ali is still alive? Is she helping the liars or is she not? Was Ezra “boardshorts?” Where did Cece go after failing? So many questions.

One this I really noticed was a few episodes ago, Aria was in another rumor with her brother’s classmate. That classmate’s car was smashed and the word “liar” was spray painted on it. Was that Ezra protecting Aria. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of the two of them together. Come on, teacher and student? Does anyone else find it odd that if Ezra had a thing with Ali, then she was around 14 and he would have been senior year high school or college?  No. I don’t like that one bit. I also like Jake for Aria. He’s not so artsy but she needs something different in her life. Also, maybe he was doing something to protect her, thats why he was so tired in the episode.

Who knows, it might be another twist. Maybe it’s going to be a another Toby thing. We found out Toby was on the team because he needed something from A. Also we thought he was dead but really he was alive. So we have to wait for the rest of the season to find out… boo too long from now.

One more thing. I really hate how Caleb is not going to be in Rosewood anymore. Watching the trailer for the spin off Ravenwood and it looks like him and Hannah might break up. That makes me upset because their good for each other and they look so good together. There is a new girl in the spin-off and it looks like they’ll have some sort of connection. I’m not happy about that either.

My Rating: 10000000/10


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