Grey Gardens (1975)

Director: Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Ellen Hovde, Muffie Meye
USA, English

Definitely a movie I’ve been waiting to watch. When I was interning at my old internship, a lot of people loved this movie and I wondered why. After watching it, it’s pretty awesome.

The documentary was filmed back in the 70s and it follow two elderly women. Big Edie and her daughter Little Edie. The two women live in a large home which has a lot of sanitary issues. The two women used to be rich socialites and are related to Jackie Kennedy. Back in their day, they were women of status and they hosted an array of rich people in their East Hampton home. However, after the divorce of Big Edie, their money started to dwindle but they kept their home called Grey Gardens.

In the doc, Little Edie blamed her mother for not being the actress/dancer/singer she always wanted to be. She blamed Big Edie for keeping her in Grey Gardens. She never got married. Her reason was she didn’t want a man telling her to not do what she loved. But now that she’s a lot older, she regrets never getting married. Little Edie seemed a little out of it. I’m not sure if it was an illness. To Little Edie, everything about about her life and how she was suppose to live her life. She lived in the past.

Big Edie on the other hand was completely different. She always had some sort of smart remark at Little Edie when she complained about life. Big Edie accepted that life wasn’t easy and their life of luxury is gone. She calls Little Edie out a lot, especially when she talks about the men who wanted her. Big Edie was pretty funny. Big Edie always loved to sing. She told stories of her past and how great of a  singer she was. She even sang a little for the doc.

All and all you can tell even though they fought a lot, this mother and daughter pair truly loved each other. This was a beautiful story. It showed the dynamic of a mother and daughter team. It also showed how two women who came from riches carry themselves at the bottom.

My Rating: 7/10


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