The Bling Ring (2013)

Director: Sofia Coppola
USA, English

A movie based on the true story about teens obsessed with celebrity. It was worth the watch but not exactly what I expected.

Marc Hall (Israel Broussard) transfers to the”drop out” school. He is shy at first until he meets Rebecca Ahn (Katie Chang). Rebecca’s calm and cool personality draws Marc in and together they start doing petty theft. Rebecca never stresses out. She just tells Marc everything is going to be okay. They start breaking into homes and taking cars out for joy rides. The two party with 3 other girls: Nicki Moore (Emma Watson), Chloe Tainer (Claire Julien), and Sam Moore (Taissa Farmiga). Nicki and Sam live together sort of like sisters. Nicki is more into herself, gaining fame, and speaking her opinion. Sam is more reserved but still party’s hard like the rest of them. Chloe is the badass. She dates an older man and gets the gang into clubs.

The teens live in Calabasas, CA where a lot of celebrities also live. Marc and Rebecca find out Paris Hilton was out of town so they decide to just walk in her home and steal. No need to break in, they just walked right in. They do so successfully and that starts the string of celebrity robberies. They tell they others and all of them start going and stealing together. They steal from a number of different celebs. All doing the same thing, walking right in (Do celebs not have security systems???). Eventually they all get caught (except for Sam) and are sentenced to jail. Rebecca (the ring leader) and Marc get 4 years, while Nicki and Chloe only get about a month.

This was based on the true story which I thought was crazy. These kids were only in high school when they decided to steal. Pretty ballsy. Honestly, you’re already rich, what more do you need that you can’t buy? I guess the idea that a CELEBRITY owns it, touched it would make any fan girl crazy. What also was crazy was how these kids POSTED  everything ONLINE. Well in the movie they did and they were basing it off the real deal. So if these kids were posting their stolen goods online… thats the dumbest thing I ever seen.

It’s crazy how calm Rebecca was during the robberies. Marc was freaking out and she just told him to stop bitching. That girl is confident. It wasn’t until cos found proof that she started to freak out. GOOD! Chang played cool, calm, and collected perfectly. I felt bad for Marc though. All he wanted was to fit in. He just wanted friends and he knew what he was doing was bad, but he didn’t want to lose friends.

What I thought was odd was how prominent the character Nicki was. I understand Emma Watson is the biggest star in the film, but her character should only be supporting. I later found out in articles that he girl she was portraying was actually working on the movie. The point of view of the movie was leaning towards her views verses everyone else’s. It makes sense too because that character seemed very into herself and promoting herself. So maybe in real life she is truly the same. I’m so glad Emma took on this role though. After watching her as Hermione all these years and then watching her in Perks of Being a Wallflower, it was refreshing to see her play this role! She did an amazing job. She was probably played the most believable character out of the whole movie.

I enjoyed the film. I thought it had a great storyline and the execution was great.My only problem with it was how prevalent the character Nicki was. I just didn’t feel she needed to be in the movie as much as they did. She should have just been supporting like Sam and Chloe were.

My Rating: 7/10


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