Marrying the Mafia (2002)

Director: Jeong Heung-sun

South Korea, Korean

SO FREAKIN FUNNY! This movie had me dying though!

A young businessman, Park Dae-seo (Jeong Jun-ho) wake up to find a woman, Jang Jin-kyeong (Kim Jeong-eun), half naked in his bed. He had no idea where she came from or how she got there, she isn’t even his girlfriend. This is where the crazy starts!
Jin-kyeong is the daughter of a crime boss. Her brothers, Jang In-tae (Yun Dong-geun), Jang Seok-tea (Sung Ji-ru), and Jang Kyeong-tae (Park Sang-wook) all found out and force Jin-kyeong and Dae-seo to start seeing each other. Even if both of them were against it.
This film was definitely worth watching. It had it’s very cheesy moments, but it was truly an unexpected funny.

The Jang brothers were mainly the funniest parts. They forced Dae-seo to do a lot of things because he is part of the “family.”

Other than being funny, I really enjoyed the bond between the family members. No matter what, family sticks together. The older brothers do seem to really care about their little sister. They accept Dae-seo and treat him like family. Well, only after scaring the shit out of him.

I also enjoyed how love grew between the main characters. It seemed that Jin-kyeong liked Dae-seo since they first met. It took awhile for Dae-seo to finally catch on, because of his whore-y girlfriend. By the end of the movie, the audience can see the two characters love each other.

Jin-kyeong was my favorite character in the film. She was raised by gangsters and was the only woman. She is sweet girl who works in a hospital. She doesn’t normally get angry and tries to stay calm. But, if you piss her of, she goes OFF! You definitely can tell she was really raised by a crime family just by the way she gets mad. I love it!

This movie is worth watching! The only thing I did not like about the film was how corny some scenes were. It can be too much.

My Rating: 8/10


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