Marrying the Mafia II (2005)

Director: Jeong Yong-gi
South Korea, Korean

Another great film! This time around, it’s a brand new family.

The eldest son, Jang In-Jae (Shin Hyun-Joon), of the White Tiger Gang has not found love just yet. His family has been bothering him to find a wife. One night he meets Kim Jin-Kyung (Kim Won-Hee). She is beautiful and leaves him speechless. Won-Hee is being chased down by another group of gangsters after being drugged. In-Jae saves her and their lives start to intertwine with one another.
What the catch? The perfect woman for In-jae so happens to be a prosecutor out to get all gangsters. In-Jae must decide if he wants to tell her who he is or not.

This movie was great! Funnier than the first one. The leaders of the White Tiger Gang is made up of In-Jae, his two brothers, Jang Kyung-Jae (Lim Hyung-Joon) and Jang Suk-Jae (Tak Jae-Hoon), and his mother Hong Duk-Ja (Kim Soo-Mi). Their antics are the best parts of this film. The gangster mom who loves her children, but will beat their ass if she has to. One brother is a womanizer who constantly cheats on his wife, Another brother is obsessed with fighting and is always angry. In-Jae seems to be the normal one. But the biggest thing about this film is the importance of family.

The love story in the film isn’t just a generic mushy love story. It’s filled with excitement! In-Jae goes save Jin-Kyung, but she returns the favor by saving him and his brothers in court! One of Jin-Kyung’s co-workers tries to win Jin-Kyung over. However, she never had an interest in him. Since he is spiteful, he decides to take revenge on the man she loves, In-Jae.

Before I forget, if you pay close attention to the film, you will find references to Marrying the Mafia 1 (Dae-Seo makes an appearance, the song Jin-kyeong sings is sung in this film as well, etc).
This film is super cheesy like the first one. However, it’s still better.

My Rating: 9/10


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