Marrying the Mafia III (2006)

Director: Jeong Yong-ki
South Korea, Korean

photo22948Yet another Marrying the Mafia!I’ll keep it short

This time, the story is based more towards the family verses one individual. The White Tiger Family has thrown away their gangster ways and started a kimchi business using Hong Deok-ja’s (Kim Soo-mi) recipe. Of course not everyone is happy about the switch of life styles. All is well until a rival gang, the Axe Gang, decides to plot revenge on the family.

Pretty funny movie! This series hasn’t let me down yet! I enjoyed how we got to know the family a little better. We got to witness the marriage of Jang Suk-jae (Tak Jae-hoon) and Soon-nam (Shin Yi) rise and fall and rise again. We were also able to look into the past and see how Hong Duk-ja’s and Boss Jang’s (Kim Yong-geon) life and marriage was like.

photo22941I personally hate see/knowing when a married couple cheats. Even if it’s on screen. Jang Suk-jae took advantage of his wife and cheated on her many times. While Soon-nam, his wife stayed loyal. However, she finally got the courage to stand up against him leave. After she left, Jang Suk-jae realized he actually did love her, despite the fact he never wanted to marry her.

This movie is funny! Probably the only thing about it I didn’t like was how cheesy some scenes were. But to me it added to the humor so I don’t know.

My Rating: 7/10


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