Doctor Who: 10th Doctor (2006)

Only 3 days until the 23 Whovians! Whose excited? I have to wait till the 25 to see it though 😦 Oh well. No matter.

The 9th Doctor just regenerated and then hellooooo David Tennant! We now have our 10th Doctor! Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) is still by his side ready to have new adventures with the new Doctor. We see new enemies to fight and old friends reunite (lol rhyming). ANNNDDD of course the love story of the Doctor and Rose (yuck).

The 10th Doctor:
Compared to 9, 10 is friendlier. We see him trying to save everyone instead of letting them die. The anger of 9 is still with him, but we see a more friendlier Doctor. The Doctor’s mind is all over the place. We never know what exactly he is going to say or how he is going to explain it. 10 is very clever and he knows that. I also love love love Allos-y!

Rose Tyler:
I do admit that she becomes a stronger woman with 10. She is a seasoned time traveler and knows what to expect, unlike the first season where she is just dipping her toes in the water. The love story between her and the Doctor to me overshadowed what she could really do. She was a great partner thought, I’ll give her that. It seemed like they knew what each other was thinking and that helped many times during their travels.

Other Characters:
Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke): The love sick ex boyfriend of Rose Tyler is now a total BAD ASS. Mickey truly turned around and became his own. He knew it would never work out with him and Rose. He made the decision to find himself. Unlike Rose where she seemed to rely on the Doctor. After accidentally landing in a parallel world with Rose and The Doctor, Mickey decides he wants to stay in the parallel world over his own. There was nothing left for him in that world he said. Good for you Mickey and good riddance of that dumb chick who left you!
Jackie (Camille Coduri) and Pete Tyler (Shaun Dingwall): Jackie is a single mom in her world. Her husband Pete died in an accident. However, in an alternate universe, Pete is alive and Jackie is dead. These two finally meet again and life is complete for the Tylers.
Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen): This was a real treat for fans of the Doctor Who Classics. Sarah Jane was one of the first companions of the Doctor. Many, many years later, the two reunite. You could tell how happy the Doctor was to see his old friend and the same for Sarah Jane. Sarah Jane and Rose were bickering over the Doctor, I think Sarah Jane is better.
K9: Ol’ faithful  robot dog. Another character people who love the Classics might enjoy.

In the first season of Doctor Who, there was a reoccurring theme of “Bad Wolf” which we find out is Rose letting herself know she can connect with the Doctor again after he sent her to Earth. I hope the 50th Anniversary episode will elaborate on that. But we’ll see. In this season, Torchwood is the theme. Torchwood is an agency meant to fight and protect England from aliens. We see it throughout the season. Be sure to keep your eyes out for it!

oodAlien Characters:
The Face of Boe: He is very important. Once you find out. You’ll freak out.
Cybermen: The return of Cybermen! A classic Doctor Who alien. The Cybermen are actually people from Earth’s twin planet whose soul and emotions were stripped from them. only leaving a shell of a body. They put that body in metal suits and there you have it, Cyberman.
Ood: These amazing creatures were taken advantage of and turned into slaves. Although in this season they were the evil ones, they are actually a gentle and kind race of beings.

Rose Tyler is Dead:
In the final episodes of the season, Cybermen and Daleks are invading Earth while still fighting each other. The Cybermen come from a parallel world which Mickey and Rose’s dad are living in and are fight the Cybermen there. The Cybermen manage to jump into this world causing a rift between the two world. Jumping between two parallel worlds is suppose to be impossible according to the Doctor. Doing it will create a hole in time. Mickey returns all bad ass and so does Pete. Pete meets our wold Jackie and they fall in love all over again. Meanwhile, the Daleks trying to invade Earth the same time! The Daleks and Cybermen never team up with one another, they are too busy trying to fight each other for the right to take over the world. The Doctor opens the Void, which is essential nothing. Opening the void is able to suck the Daleks and the Cybermen off Earth and into nothing. After much fighting Mickey, Pete, Jackie, and Rose jump into the parallel world. Rose jumps back to our world to be with the Doctor. However, as the Void is sucking everything and everyone, Rose slips and is falling towards the Void. Her dad saves her and then she is stuck in the parallel world without her Doctor. The Doctor reappears to Rose on Bad Wolf Bay as a holograph. He explains to her that on Earth, she is on the dead list. She tells him she loves and and just as he is about to say something, their connection breaks. He seems like he was going to say it back, but we don’t know.

Doctor Who

Then some bride shows up in his TARDIS. 🙂 till next time.


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