Doctor Who: 9th Doctor (2005)

Hello Whovians!

d9-8l-004In honor of the 50th Anniversary coming up. I thought I’d blog about ALL the seasons (in the reboot)! If you seen my blogs before, they are typically how I feel and about the plot. Not these post. These post will be all about characters and the season as a whole.

In the very beginning of the new Doctor Who, we meet Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). Rose is a young 19 year old, attractive, blonde, middle class girl working in a shop in London. She lives with her mother Jackie Tyler (Camille Coduri) and is dating Micky Smith (Noel Clarke).

All that changed once the Doctor came into the picture. Rose meets the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston). After one night of adventure and saving the world, Rose decides to drop her life and start traveling with the almost 1000 year old Time Lord. A Time Lord is a race of people from another planet. The Doctor travels through time and space in his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), which is disguised as a blue police box and his sonic screwdriver. The Doctor shows Rose literally the universe! However after season 1 the 9th Doctor dies and regenerates into the 10th Doctor (David Tennant).

The 9th Doctor:
This doctor seemed ruthless and careless. He didn’t mind if people died and he was happy to let someone die if they had to (i.e. Cassandra). However, he did have a odd side to him. Random humor and seemed like he was always having a good time. At first he only saw Rose as a human companion but as time went on, the audience could tell Rose was much more than just a companion in his hearts. He was a great Doctor if the producers were going for a bad ass rebel. He just didn’t care when he was up against his enemies. It took me until I finished to the whole series to understand why he was so biter. We always knew he was the last of the Time Lord. But it really had to build up to understand what happened to him during the Time War that wiped all Time Lords and Daleks. Even after finishing the whole series so far, I still have to wait for the 50th anniversary to fully understand!

Rose Tyler:
I know I will get a lot of crap for saying this. But I never cared for this character. Sure she was okay. She was the first companion I encountered so of course she would have to be my favorite at first. But really didn’t like her. With the 9th Doctor she didn’t do to much. She mainly relied on the Doctor. Everything revolved around the Doctor. She does have her own pros to her. She’s kind to everyone even those who try to kill her. Saves the doctor once in a while. But mainly is more of the sidekick. Also, I really hated the way she treated Mickey. She claimed to love her boyfriend and cared about him. But when she was about to leave with the Doctor she says to him, “Thanks.” He replies, “For what.” She walks away and said, “Exactly.” For real? Selfish. Completely and utterly selfish. Also, when she would pop back into London, she would expect Mickey to be single waiting for her. She gets upset when Mickey tells her he is seeing someone else. Get over yourself Rose.

Other Characters:
Jackie Tyler – A lonely older woman trying to get a man since her husband died. She is a bit crazy and eccentric. But still pretty awesome
Mickey Smith – Sweet, sweet Mickey. He loved Rose and she stomps on his heart like an ant. Life gets better for him, but still right now it’s not. He’s not a great character, but we’ll see the change later.
Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman)- A flirtatious human Time Travel. He loves to flirt with everyone… no matter the sex or species. He accompanies the Doctor and Rose for a few episodes and then we see him die and then come back.
Harriet Jones (Penelope Wilton) – She soon became Prime Minster after helping the Doctor and Rose out. We’ll see her again.

For those who have been watching Doctor Who over the years (I haven’t) it must have been an amazing feeling to have the Doctor come back! We see enemies of the Doctor come back into the reboot such as the Autons and the Daleks. But we are introduced to new ones such as the Slitheen.

Favorite Moment: Are you my mummy? (oh don’t worry you’ll see why)

Overall Feelings:
I did not think I would fall in love with this show. Season 1 is very very cheesy and I honestly am not a big fan of this love thing going on. But I still loved it!


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