Doctor Who: 10th Doctor (2007)

I was trying to finish this before the 23… oh well I wont watch till the 25 anyways.

Rose is GONE. ugh. Finally. Well not really. The Doctor is depressed about losing Rose and decides to travel alone. He meets this medical student name Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman). Martha is of course human. But Martha seem to take in the idea of aliens pretty well. The Doctor and Martha meet in a hospital where Martha is having a lesson and The Doctor is a patient. Martha heard The Doctor’s two hearts and did not freak out. The hospital vanishes from Earth and ends up on the moon. Martha of course thinks she’s crazy, but her quick thinking was able to help The Doctor. The Doctor notices how brilliant Martha is and allowed her to have a trip on the TARDIS. But he knew he would eventually bring her along as a companion

The Doctor:
Of course since The Doctor is played by the same actor, his personality was the same. However, he was still heart-broken over the lost of Rose. The Doctor always did his best to save everyone.

Martha. Oh Martha. You do not get the credit you deserve from Doctor Who fans! Martha was amazing and The Doctor knew that. She was a medical student for crying out loud! Martha brought her own fight to the table. She was able to think through situations like The Doctor and even had her own opinion to do things. The Doctor knew Martha was just as clever as he was. He trusted Martha when he decided to become human to go into hiding. He knew Martha would be able to get the job done. When The Doctor believed he was going to die, it was Martha who was able to save him. I never saw The Doctor so afraid. When The Doctor was captured and turned into a really old man by The Master, he put his whole trust into Martha. She travelled the world and spread his name across the nation. In doing so, Martha saved the world and The Doctor (AGAIN!). Martha is known as “The Woman Who Walked the Earth.”
Martha’s character was much different from that of Rose. SHe was already well on her way to her career. She came from a upperclass family. She was very independent! She knew that she had to take care of herself first before The Doctor. I loved the fact that the Doctor wanted her stay, but Martha said no because she knew being with The Doctor is to painful on her. She expressed her feelings to him and left the TARDIS. You could see how sad The Doctor was. Another big difference between Martha and Rose was that The Doctor always thanked Martha. Martha always got The Doctor out of trouble or helped him. He always thanked her. I thought that was a big sign that showed he saw Martha very differently than Rose. (I mean he kissed her when they first met, he never kissed Rose…I know it was to save the hospital BUT STILL!)
The main issue with Martha was how under developed her character was. She was a bright and beautiful woman. But her crush on The Doctor overshadowed her true potential as a companion. The Doctor was too busy mourning the lost of Rose that he never even looked at Martha. If Martha stayed on a companion, they would have been the BEST TEAM! But I still think Martha won because she ended up going to Torchwood for a couple of episodes. Rose didn’t get to go to any spin-off…HA

Other Characters:
Jack Harkness – Jack is back! He comes back as a companion again for a short time with Martha and The Doctor. He is working at Torchwood. After Rose saved the 9th Doctor, Jack was revived as well. But now he cannot die. No matter what. Welcome Back Jack.
Face of Boe – OH MY GOD! 😀 The biggest surprise everrrr!!! This something I will not share 😀
Jones Family: Martha’s family was interesting. Her parents were divorced. She had a sister and a brother (The only companion to have siblings). The family looked out for one another even thought they were ready to kill each other.

Weeping Angels – The scariest creatures around. They are aliens who turn to stone when you look at them but when you’re not looking they will get you! When they touch you, the send you to another time and place where you will grow up and die there.  What was great introducing this enemie was it was in a light Doctor epsiode. The main focus was a random girl name Sally Spawrow. The Doctor was communitcating with her because him and Martha were touched by the Angels and sent to another time period. He was able to communicate with her through people who also were touched and had to grow old to speak with her again. In the end, Sally meets The Doctor and hands over all the martieral she had about the experience. But the Doctor she met didn’t go through it yet. It was a fnatastic episode.
Daleks: The Daleks are back and they want to take over the world again. But this, they were willing to combine their race with the humans. One Dalek did so, and he ended up with emotions. Much smarter than the pure Daleks.
The Master – This is another character from the Classic Doctor Who series. He is a Time Lord just like the Doctor. However, the Master is evil and will kill and torture anything thing he wanted. He was able to capture the Doctor and turn him into what his age would look like. He spent a year ruling the Earth. In that year Martha travelled to spread the word about the Doctor. If everyone had one thought at the exact same time, the Doctor would become strong again. That is exactly what happned and what needed to happen. The Doctor wanted to save The Master because they would be two Time Lords traveling together, but the Master was killed. Time was reverted and it became the year that never was. But Martha, her family, Jack, and the Doctor all remember it. 

Race Issues:
It bothered me to my CORE how racist characters were to Martha. When the doctor decided to go into hiding in an 1800 setting and temporarily wiped his own memory, he treated Martha like shit. Everyone around him treated like she was not a human. Of course for the times they were in it was normal to treat black people like that, it made me cringe. After the Doctor came back, he never said sorry or anything. Sure he thanked her, but it still doesn’t make up for that.
When the Doctor and Martha met Shakespeare, he immediately was gravitated towards Martha. He was flirting with her, but called her things like “blackamoor lady.” However, when the audience things about it, as much as it can bother you. It makes sense because Martha was black and traveling to time periods where she would be viewed differently. I read this awesome blog post that helped me understand what was going on.
Everything Martha was going through with the Doctor was casual racism. The didn’t agree with what people were doing or saying to Martha, but he didn’t defend her either. He flat-out ignored the fact she was not a white male. You need to read the post.

Martha Gets Out:
Martha walks into the TARDIS and The Doctor is rambling on about the adventures they need to take together. Martha stand there in silence and lets him know she is not coming. She gives him a kiss and walks out. But she comes back and lets the Doctor he never looked at her. This is her getting out. But it’s not the last of her.
This is the first time (in the reboot) that some left the Doctor for family. You could see in the Doctor’s eyes he does feel guilty about it. He feels upset that he made Martha feel like she wasn’t good enough. Martha left because she can not be around someone who will never look at her.
You go Martha!

Martha was an amazing companion. No one gives her enough credit.


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