Doctor Who: 10th Doctor (2008 – 2009)

Yes. I know it’s passed the 23rd. Yes. I’m still going on with my Doctor Who reviews. ONWARD!

Remember that Bride that showed up at the end of Season 1 and was the starter of Season 2? Yes. Her name is Donna Noble (Catherine Tate). She will be the final companion for the 10th Doctor. Donnt actually rejected the offer as a companion when we first met her as a bride. But ever since she me the Doctor, nothing was same. She went looking for trouble with the hope of running into him. Her luck paid off when she finally did!

The Doctor:
Number 10 is tired of women lusting over him. When he ran into Donna, he told her he only wanted a mate (a friend). He didn’t want a repeat of Rose and Martha. Of course, Donna took it in a different way. She thought the Doctor meant he wanted to mate (have sex). She wasn’t having any of it! Through his time with Donna, we see a genuine friendship from the Doctor. He seemed a lot happier knowing that his companion was one of his best friends.

Donna Noble:
Donna was the perfect companion for number 10. She was loud and crazy. She was not the typical pretty young girl that we’re used to. I thought it was refreshing to see a different face as a companion. Donna would not take any shit from the Doctor. Actress, Catherine Tate, already is a known comedian, so it would be natural that the character of Donna would be hilarious. The Doctor and Donna bickered like an old married couple but they always reminded everyone they were not that.
We also got to see a sensitive side to Donna. She saw wonderful things while traveling with the Doctor, however, she saw lots of tragic things. Part of her couldn’t deal with the harsh reality of it all. We soon found out Donna would become “the most important woman in all of creation.” Donna was definitely one of my favorite companions! especially sine there was nothing romantic about her and the Doctor, they truly were two best friends traveling the universe together.

Other characters:
Martha Jones – Welcome back Martha! Martha came back on the show as a member of UNIT. She was on for 3 episodes. It turns out Martha got over the Doctor pretty fast, since she ended up getting engaged. It made me happy to see the return of Martha. We got to see her from a young medical student to an important member of UNIT.
Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbins) & Sylvia Noble (Jacqueline King) – Wilfred is Donna’s grandfather and Sylvia is her mother. Wilfred is an amazing man. He supports his granddaughter in anything she decides to do. He loves star gazing and was the only person Donna said goodbye to when she first left to travel with the Doctor. Wilfred was happy Donna found happiness, even with an alien. Sylvia on the other hand really had a problem with Donna traveling. She felt that Donna needed to work and have a career. Sylvia was 100% against the Doctor. But what could she do. Donna made her choice.
River Song (Alex Kingston) – Wow, she is such an important character. The writers did a fantastic job incorporating her into the script. River is an important character for Doctor 11, but her first appearance on the show was her death in front of Doctor 10. It was great how we have a future character in the past!
Jenny (Georgia Moffett) – She is some sort of clone made from the Doctor. She is technically his daughter. Real life actress is married to David Tennant and her father is the 4th Doctor. Doctor who runs in the family.

Other Alien Creatures:
Ood – These peaceful creatures are back and they make predictions for the Doctor and for Donna.
Sontarans: A race of clones whose only goal is to die with honor!
Since this was David Tennant’s last season as the Doctor, the writers did a beautiful job bringing back all the important characters during Tennant’s run. Martha Jones is back to kick some ass. Our face Captian, Jack Harkness has returned. The always amazing, Sarah Jane Smith. Mickey Smith and Jackie Tyler come back to the other world. Lastly, Rose Tyler is back.
There was a very beautiful scene near the end where We see all the companions working together as a team to fly the TARDIS. It was very moving and touching to see these characters together in one room.
What also made this reunion amazing was that this was the first and only time Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures crossed over with Doctor Who together. We even saw characters strictly from the other shows make an appearance on Doctor Who.

Doctor Donna:
Donna was in the TARDIS when it was tossed away by the Daleks to be destroyed. The Doctor has one of his hands in a jar (it was cut off during his regeneration when he made his first appearance. He was able to grow it back but Jack Harkness kept the hand). Donna touches the hand and energy rushes through her. Also, a clone Doctor appears. Donna just became a Human Time Lord. She was just as smart and as clever as the Doctor now. She ends up saving the world!

Saying Goodbye:
The Doctor actually says goodbye together twice. After saving the Earth from the Daleks. He drops everyone where they needed to be and leaves his clone with Rose in the other parallel universe. The clone and Rose kiss and the real Doctor and Donna go off.
Donna is excited for this new found power she has. But she starts to realize it hurts too much. Turns out, having the knowledge of a Time Lord is too much for a human and their brain can explode. The Doctor decides to wipe Donna’s memories of their time together. Donna pleads and begs but the Doctor does it any way. He informs her family they much not tell her about anything that has to do with the Doctor. He drops her home so she can start her life over again, without him.
He says goodbye to everyone again when he is about to regenerate. The Doctor travels around the Earth just to watch his friends. He gives them a look. All the friend know he is about to go. Funny, we find out Martha and Mickey got married dispute the fact she was engaged to someone else. The Doctor attends Donna’s wedding (sort of) and says goodbye to her mother and grandfather.
David Tennant’s final scene was one of the saddest moments I’ve ever watched. As he is about to begin regeneration. He looks up and says, “I don’t want to go.” Then beams of light come out of him and the next Doctor (Matt Smith) appears.

It was truly sad watching David Tennant leave the show. He was my favorite Doctor. I loved his outfit of a long trench coat with a striped suit and converse. His work as the Doctor made an impression on me. He was my expectations for other Doctors to come. I didn’t want him to go either.

However, Matt Smith is an excellent Doctor as well..


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