Doctor Who: 11th Doctor (2010)

Sorry I’ve been MIA about the blog. I’ve been on a Doctor Who high this past week. But I’ll be devoted to this! I will continue even if it’s over! Ughhh

We say goodbye to David Tenant and the new Doctor is IN!

While The Doctor (Matt Smith) was regenerating into Doctor 11. He crashing into young Amelia Pond’s (Caitlin Blackwood) home in 1996. Amelia is a young girl with a heavy Scottish accent. She is living with her aunt because her parents have passed away. The young girl was home alone when The Doctor crashed his TARDIS into her garden. Our new Doctor’s face has officially changed and Amelia is the first person he meets with the new face. Amelia feed the Doctor fish sticks and custard, which is really nasty. The Doctor notices a large crack in her wall. The Doctor opens it and they hear an alien prison guard looking for prisoner Zero. The Doctor invites Amelia to go on adventures with him in the TARDIS and Amelia jumps up at the occasion. She wants to leave her home because she hates it. The Doctor tells her to wait 5 mins and he’ll be back because he needs to fix his TARDIS to make sure she is safe. The Doctor leaves and Amelia waits. She waits… 12 years!
Amelia is no longer called Amelia, now she is much older and called Amy (Karen Gillan). We meet Amy in the same town and in the same home. The issue with prisoner Zero is still starting up again and the Doctor deals with it and captures him. He invites Amy, to travel with him again. But he again doesn’t come back for 2 more years! With his TARDIS finally fixed, he takes Amy on the adventure she has been waiting for all her life. She finally takes off with the Doctor, a day before her wedding. He doesn’t know that though.

The Doctor
We have a brand new Doctor! He is much younger than all the Doctors before him. His personality shows it as well. He is very jumpy and moves around too much. His mind is very scattered and he also talks with his hands. Although, he seems like a child, he is still our Doctor and has an old soul. This new Doctor wears a bow tie with everything. He looks more like a professor. I love Matt Smith’s Doctor. He is whimsical and crazy. But still a genius. He shows the childish side of the Doctor so well, but when the Doctor is mad, it is one of the scariest emotions. Perfect. Just perfect! Did I mention he screams Geronimo?

Amy Pond
A young girl who has known the Doctor aka Raggedy Doctor/Man all her life. She has gone through therapy and played pretend with her friends. She has drawn pictures and made dolls. She has known the Doctor her whole life and now she is going on the adventures she has waited for! Amy leaves with the Doctor the night before she gets married. She tries to seduce the Doctor, but the Doctor protests and wants her to get married! My favorite thing about having Amy as a companion is that she ends up being more of family for the Doctor. Yes, she tried to get with him, but once she realized she wanted to get married to her fiancé, her and the Doctor become best friends. The Doctor has known her since she was a little girl and now she is traveling with her. It’s family. I also love how feisty she is. She is ready to fight when she needs to and always helps the Doctor out. She can be on her own but still can fend for herself. Compared to the other companions, I can see the connection better with Doctor. Her relationship with the Doctor reminds me of Donna and 10, but it seemed like Donna searching for more of a purpose in her life. Amy is searching for adventure. Amy is my favorite companion hands down! Also, the awesome phrase “Come Along Pond” is born!

Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill)
Rory has known Amy his whole life. Thus knowing who the Doctor is his whole life as well. He eventually becomes Amy’s boyfriend and then the fiancé. Rory at first was very jealous of the Doctor. He thought he was losing Amy to him and we see that throughout the series. But Amy truly loves Rory and has to keep reminding him that she picks him. The relationship with the Doctor gets better as well. At first it was only Amy as the companion, but once Rory came along it was the three of them. The Doctor and Rory create their own friendship. Before becoming a companion Rory was very timid and really couldn’t vend for himself. Amy seemed to be the fighter of the two. But during his time in the TARDIS his personality changed. He is much more adventurous and a risk taker. He does not sit behind Amy and the Doctor as they solve problems, Rory participates as well. Rory dies a couple times in the series, but it’s always the love between him and Amy that always brings him back.

River Song (Alex Kingston)
She pops up every now and then. At first the Doctor was very wary of her. He had no idea who she was and why she knew him so well. But the Doctor starts to trust her. The two start flirting with each other every time they see one another. We hardly know anything about her. We did meet her last season with the 10th Doctor in the library. River carries a book which she records her encounters with the Doctor. Every time we meet her, it’s a different place in her life. When we meet her in the library she died. But as we keep meeting her with the 11th Doctor, she knows less about the Doctor and we start to know more about her. So more like traveling backwards in River’s timeline. River has a feisty personality as well! She is never scared and is always ready to shoot. She takes risk and will not take crap from anyone who stands in her way. We learn she was actually arrested because she killed a man. But she wont tell us. Spoilers.

Craig Owens (James Corden)
He is not really much of a companion. But he has one episode with the Doctor. There is some sort of force that wont let the TARDIS land. Amy is stuck inside and so the Doctor must find out what it is. He rents a room from Craig which is where the source of the issue is. Craig is a normal guy just trying to live his life as normal as he can. The Doctor comes in and disrupts all that! But with his short time with the Doctor, Craig decided he needs to start going for things he wants and stop playing it safe!

Other Creatures:
Weeping Angles: They never seem to go away! They are to me one of the most scariest things on Doctor Who!
Daleks: Of course there are Daleks! It’s never Doctor Who without the Daleks!
Silurian – Creatures who actually inhabited the Earth first. The live underground and are waiting for their time to come back up.

The Crack in the Wall
We see The Crack throughout this whole season. The Doctor and Amy slowly start to figure out what the crack is and why it keeps showing up. If you are sucked up by the crack, who will be erased from existence. This is what happens to Rory. He was taken over by the crack and Amy completely forgot who he was. The Doctor however remembered him. Since Amy has lived the crack in her wall most of her life, the crack has given her the ability to sort of remember things. She doesn’t remember, but it is buried deep in her memory. She just needs to think really hard for it to come back.
We learn the Crack was created because the TARDIS exploded and different parts of it landed in different moments of the Doctor’s life.

The Ending of the Crack
The Doctor and Amy were called by River to show up in Roman Britain in the 2nd century. River shows them a painting from Vincent Van Gogh (who they met earlier in the series). Vincent had visions and he painted one of them. It was TARDIS exploding and it wanted him at that time period. It also said, “The Pandorica opens.” The Pandorica is a box/prison meant to hold the most feared thing in the universe. The Pandorica was buried at Stonehenge. The Pandorica has been transiting that it’s been opening, which means all of the Doctor’s enimes were on their way to the Pandorica. Before the enemies show up, Rory shows up as a Roman! The Doctor can’t even understand why Rory was still around because he was never suppose to exist since he was taken over by the crack. But Amy doesn’t remember him at all. Meanwhile, River was sent to get the TARDIS, but something went wrong with the TARDIS. River ends up at Amy’s home. She finds out everything that is going on right now has something to do with Amy’s memories. She found a picture of Rory in a Roman outfit, which may be a reason he showed up there. River heads back to the TARDIS but something is controlling it. The Pandorica finally opened and it was actually created to hold the Doctor. All of the Doctor’s enemies came together because the cracks were related to the Doctor. They banded together to save the universe from the Doctor. They created a trap using Amy’s memories. They believed it was the Doctor who created the cracks, but it really was the TARDIS and River is stuck inside it while it is exploding.
The Doctor was sealed in the Pandorica, but the future Doctor decided to guide Rory into open it. All of universe has been deleted and now it’s up to them to save it! They put Amy in the Pandorica because she was a little bit dead and they need to wait 2000 years to get some of her DNA back. Sweet, sweet Rory Williams had the choice to take a quick short cut to 2,000 years, He decided to stay and guarded the Pandorica for the next 2,000 years. The Doctor on the other hand used the Time Manipulator and quickly showed up in 2,000 years. We learn that the sun is actually the TARDIS that is still exploding and River is stuck in a room which makes her repeat everything. The Doctor saves River and we notice that there is a fez on his head. Yay for the fez!
The Doctor figures out that the Pandorica as atoms from the universe that used to be and that never was. They use the Pandorica to spark the whole universe again by creating big bang number 2. The Doctor puts himself in the Pandorica and fly into the exploding TARDIS. Once in the explosion, bits of the Pandorica will be in different parts of the universe at once and it will restore the universe. However, nobody will remember it. The Doctor on the other hand will be erased from the universe and he will have never existed. Before he goes, he tells Amy that nothing is ever forgotten and that she needs to remember.
The Doctor’s life starts to reverse. He revisits old moments with Amy. He has a tearful goodbye while young Amelia is sleeping. He finally goes away.
Everything is restored and everyone has forgotten anything about the Doctor. Rory and Amy have their wedding, but Amy feels like something is missing. She finally remembers and the Doctor comes back with his TARDIS into the middle of their wedding reception. Amy and Rory decide that they want to spend their time traveling with the Doctor. They say goodbye and the three of the are off on another round of adventures.

Compared to the other Doctor Who series, anything with the Ponds are my favorite. Their adventures seem more like an adventure and not some stupid love story like Rose or Martha. Also, since the show runner has switched to Steven Moffat, the production value of the series has improved! The look of the TARDIS is different and everything around it seems more advance. Not that I didn’t like the other Doctors, but 11’s adventures are way more exciting and keeps you at the end of your seats. Also, the things the Doctor and the Ponds have to face is way more scarier than cheesy like the first season. I loved this season so much it took me maybe a week or less to finish everything. I love it!


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