Doctor Who: 11th Doctor (2011)

This post will be a little bit quicker since all of the characters in my last post is in this one as well.

The Ponds, as The Doctor calls Amy and Rory, are fully married and living life as normal as they can. They haven’t heard from the Doctor in a while and were wondering what he’s been up too. Out of no where, they get an invite from the Doctor to go to Utah, USA.
The Ponds arrive to the middle of nowhere in Utah. The Doctor greets them and River Song shows up. She got an invite as well. The group heads to a nearby diner and chats up for a bit. The Doctor decides that all of them will have a picnic and right after that, they will be going to Space 1969. As they have the picnic, a person in an astronaut suit comes out of the water. Everyone is worried, but they Doctor ask them all to stand back and he walks over to the space suit.
The Doctor gets shot and dies! (This is just the first episode!) The Ponds and River head back to the diner where all of a sudden, the Doctor comes out! (what?!) This Doctor is younger than the Doctor they met earlier. Seems like the younger Doctor was invited to Utah as well. Amy, Rory, and River all agree not to tell the Doctor of his death.
The team go off to Space 1969 and the Series 6 adventures begins!

The Doctor. The first Doctor we meet is older and seems to know of his death. The rest of the series we follow the younger Doctor as he travels through time and space with the Ponds.
The Doctor is his childish self as he was last season. He is still the smartest and heroic person in the universe. But we also learn, he is still the most feared being as well. What I love about the 11th Doctor is the genuine friendship he has with Amy and Rory. He cares of both of them and you can’t have one without the other.
His relationship with River evolves during this series. Yes, we are looking at Matt Smith who is a much younger man, but it still fits well with Alex Kingston being an older woman. I love it!

Amy and Rory. This season seems to be more about the companions verses about the Doctor. I’ve noticed that before in previous Doctor Who season, however, it seems more prevalent in this one.
Although Amy is still the main companion, this season it seems that Amy wont be complete without Rory there. Since the two are married, it makes sense that they are always together. The audience really sees their life through their point of view. We see how their lives have been different because of their relationship with the Doctor.
We learn this season that Amy and Rory have a child. For the first half of the series, they didn’t even know Amy was pregnant until she gave birth! (Need to watch to understand.) We learn who their child is and we stand to understand what happened and who she really is.
Let me acknowledge Rory real quick though. Compared to who his character was during the first season we met him, he has grown and has shown he is just as important to the Doctor as Amy is. Arthur Darvill did a fantastic job showing Rory’s growth. Rory has shown to Amy that the only man who really needs to take care of her is him and not the Doctor.
Karen Gillan’s acting was amazing. Amy’s character seems to age throughout this season. The gaps between their meetings with the Doctor can be months and years apart. By the end of Amy and Rory’s run on the show, they have travelled with the Doctor on-and-off for 10 years. Karen’s ability to act older than what her age is awesome to watch. There are also flashback scenes where Karen had to act like she was a teenager again. It was flawless.
My absolute favorite thing about the Ponds is that they were really trying to live a normally life. They would be home and have normal jobs and meet with their friends. The next moment, they would be gone for long periods of time traveling with the Doctor.

River Song. She is the big mystery, but we don’t know that until halfway through the series. River Song is actually the daughter of Amy and Rory. Her real name is Melody Pond, Amy kept Pond as the last name because she said it sounded more like a super hero. In the first half of the series, the team is chasing down a little girl in 1969. The soon discover the little girl has regeneration abilities like a Time Lord. Apparently Amy and Rory got it on while in the TARDIS traveling through the time vortex. This affected the conception and altered River’s DNA.
Young Melody Pond regenerates and moves close to young Amy and young Rory. Turns out Melody aka Mels, grows up with her parents. Amy actually named Melody after Mels. She named her daughter after her daughter. Mels has been obsessed with the Doctor more than Amy was. Mels was actually raised by these people who wanted to kill the Doctor. Mels was trained from the time she was young to kill the Doctor. When Mels finally meets the Doctor, she gets killed and regenerates into the River Song we know now.
River knew all long who her parents were and remembered the moments when she was young. She pretended the whole time to not know anything. Just like the Doctor, River lies.
It was a real shock to me that River is a Pond! Steven Moffat you are too clever!

Criag Owens. Craig is back! This time he has a baby with girlfriend! Craig was given a weekend alone with his son Alfie. He wanted to prove that he could be a good dad. The Doctor comes by and disrupts his life again.
It was great to see Craig again! He is probably one of the funniest people on the show! I love how the Doctor really shows his human side when he is around Craig. The Doctor interacts with people pretending to be human. It’s pretty funny to watch!
I also love Alfie! The baby prefers to be called “Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All” or “Stormy” for short. The Doctor can understand babies apparently.

Other creatures
The Silence. The creatures on this show always get scary! This has actually been a running theme through the time we’ve been with the 11th Doctor. It has always been subtle but there. Silents are the “typical” alien look. Big heads with skinny bodies. When you see a Silents you immediately forget you’ve seen them once you turn around. FREAKY! They are the main enemy we encounter throughout the series. Madame Kovarian (Frances Barber) is a human who works with the Silence. She is the one who stole Melody from the Ponds.
Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), Jenny (Catrin Stewart), and Strax (Dan Starkey). This odd bunch of beings help the Doctor and the Ponds as they fight for Amy’s baby the first time. we see them again in a later season. But their first episode made me love them! Madame Vastra is a Silurian, Jenny is human, and Strax is a Sontaran. Even though Silurians and Sontarans (especially the Sontarans) are known to dislike the Doctor, this group defies that. Madame Vastra is the brains of the group. She has the intellect and is known as an under cover detective in London in the 1800s. Jenny is smart and can fight! Strax on the other hand, he doesn’t understand human life so well. So everything to him sounds stupid, but he really doesn’t get humans. He is a true Sontaran who would love to die in battle. He was a nurse once and told his patient that he hope he can kill him in battle one day. Yes, a true Sontaran.
Idris (Suranne Jones). She appears for one episode. But she is a person who the TARDIS takes over. The TARDIS uses Idris’ body to speak with the Doctor. It was a great episode because we finally got to hear what the TARDIS had to say. The TARDIS is pretty spunky and doesn’t like how he brings home random people into her. A man and his box.

Finding out who the Astronaut was
At the end of the series, everything is back to the start. We have caught up with the first Doctor. He has invited his friends to Utah. We find out that it was River Song in the suit. This was a younger River, a little bit after her last regeneration. She has no control over her body because it was taken over by The Silence and Madame Kovarian. She is about to kill the Doctor when she found control and shot somewhere else. This seems great and all, but it really messes up with Time and Space.
An alternative time line has been created and all of history has been messed up or combined together. Time has stopped moving. He meets Amy again who seem to have forgotten who Rory was. But Amy does remember the Doctor and the other timeline. All because she grew up with that crack in her wall. Amy is a leader of a militant force and Rory is one of her captions. They have the Silence trapped in chambers and Madame Kovarian is strapped to a chair. All of them wear these eye patches called eye drives that helps them remember the Silents when they aren’t looking. The Doctor let’s the Ponds know he needs to die for everything to be right again, but River refuses to kill him. The Silents escape and are on a killing spree. The Doctor and the Ponds run to the top of the Great Pyramid they are on and The Doctor and River get married. He whispers his name to her and tells her she can’t tell anyone. Once they kiss, time starts to move again. We are back at the lake in Utah. River shoots the Doctor and then he dies. The timeline is correct again.
Time has passed and we are back at the Pond home. Amy and Rory think the Doctor is dead. River let’s them know he isn’t dead at all. The happy family cheer and then Amy realizes that she is the Doctor’s mother-in-law.

Overall Feelings
This season has kept me on my toes! It helps that the production value of Doctor Who keeps getting better and better, but the storyline is amazing! My only issue with the season is that half way through, the Ponds stop looking for Melody. Yeah, they know who she grows up to be. But I would think as parents they would never stop searching for their child.
Other than that, this had to have been my favorite season!


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