Doctor Who: 11th Doctor (2012)

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Series 7 part 1! This should be a little faster…

Prior to the beginning of 7, the Ponds find out the Doctor is alive! He shows up at their doorstep on Christmas 2 years later for them. Although River already told them he was alive, the Ponds pretended it was a surprise (but that really didn’t work out well). They let the Doctor know they have saved him a seat and he asked if they knew he was coming. They tell him they always have a seat ready for him. The Ponds walk in and we get a close up of the Doctor starting to tear up. To me, this was the first time he showed real raw human emotion.

Following Christmas, we get a mini series called “The Pond Life.” These mini episodes show Amy and Rory’s point of view. They are living normal lives, but every now and then things get disrupted when the Doctor comes to visit. I thought it was really funny how they seemed all normal, but then their best friend the Doctor shows up to prove they are not normal people at all. By the end of the mini series, Amy and Rory are on the rocks. The Doctor calls with concern since he hasn’t heard back from them in a while.

Series 7 part 1 opens up and the first thing we notice is that Amy and Rory are trying to get a divorce! Meanwhile, the Doctor was trapped by the Daleks who need him to deactivate the shield around the Dalek Asylum planet so they can destroy the planet with “crazy” Daleks. The Doctor finds out they kidnapped Amy and Rory so they can help him. Of course the Doctor refuses but they send him down there anyway and he needs to get the defenses down so him and the Ponds can get out.
While one the planet, the Doctor notices the Ponds are not themselves. Of course, the wont tell him they just signed divorce papers. But the Doctor can sense something was wrong. The team gets help from a person named Oswin (Jenna Coleman) whose ship crashed into the planet. They are only able to hear Oswin who is trapped somewhere on the planet. Oswin seems to know all the ins and outs of the planet and helps he team do what they need to do. In return, she wants them to rescue her.
When things got crazy, Rory wanted Amy to wear the bracelet that keeps them human on the planet because he loved her more. The bracelet protects them from the Nanocloud that changes a people into puppets because of their hate. Rory said he would be fine without it because his love for Amy was strong. Amy argues with Rory and slips out that she left him because she can’t have children anymore. Something happened when the Silence took River. Amy knew he want’ed kids so she “gave him up.” The two are now good again!
The Doctor is on his way to rescue Oswin, but when he finds her, she is already a Dalek. Oswin is hurt and shock because she didn’t know. She tells the Doctor to “Run you clever boy.” The Doctor and the Ponds escape and they all go home. All is well again.

I don’t want to go through ALL of part 1. But you could say these 5 episodes are like movies. We see the Doctor and Ponds go on big epic adventures! You could say this is their last hurrah.
We see that the Doctor visits them periodically. Unlike his other companions, he visits the Ponds. The Ponds have sort of a normal life going on. By the end of part 1, the Doctor has been involved with them for 10 years.
I loved that the 11th Doctor has his own adventures, but can always pick up the Ponds if he needs company. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I believe Amy and Rory were his family. Compared to everyone else he has traveled with (in the reboot), the Ponds are the closest.

The Doctor’s bond with Amy was amazing. She grew up with him and considered him her best friend. The Doctor felt the same about her. Although in the beginning, the Doctor didn’t care much for Rory, he grew to love him just as much he loved Amy.

Amy and Rory have grown so much and it made it all sad that these were their last episodes on Doctor Who. I absolutely loved them as a team. These 5 episodes were so epic and they did justice to the characters of Amy and Rory.

In the last episode, Rory is touched by Weeping Angels and is sent back in time. Amy watches this happen. Amy had to make the choice between staying with the Doctor or getting touched by an Angel and just POSSIBLY living her life with Rory. She decided to make a leap of faith and get touched by an angel. She loved the Doctor as a friend/family but she loved her husband and could not imagine living life without him. When Amy was touched by the Angel, the headstone that had Rory’s name on it had her name as well. The Doctor cries the hardest I’ve ever seen him cry. He just lost his two best friends. He can never see them again. River was there as well. We know that River will die soon. But she doesn’t yet.
We find out that Amy wrote a page in a book for the Doctor. She let him know that she is with Rory and that they are okay. The Doctor’s reaction to the Ponds leaving validates my assumption that he loved them as family.

I was so sad the Ponds are gone! I can’t even handle it. What even made me more sad was that Rory’s dad, Brian (Mark Williams), asked the Doctor to keep them safe and he couldn’t save them! I must say though, I really believed that the Doctor could have saved the Ponds. I stil don’t understand why he couldn’t.

They were my absolute favorite group of people. The chemistry between Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill will never be matched. They were the trio made in heaven. I can’t deal. I just can’t.