Doctor Who: 11th Doctor (2013)

BBC, England, English

Oh man. Sorry all. I’ve been way too busy. This is overdue!

Well season 7 Part 2 starts off with the Christmas episode. The Doctor is depressed over the lost of this two friends Amy and Rory. He living in the 1800s and is officially “retired” from being the Doctor. His only friends are our dear old friends Strax, Jenny Flint, and Madame Vastra. He meets a woman named Clara. At first he didn’t think much of her. But as she kept showing up, the Doctor became a little more interested.
While the Doctor being cranky and depressed around town, a man named Walter Simeon is building an army of snowmen ready to take over the world. I don’t want to get into too much detail but the Doctor and Clara get involved with stopping the snowmen. The Doctor kind of defeats the Walter Simon and his Snowmen (which is actually the Great Intelligence in snow form). We’ll see them again. However, in the process Clara dies. The Doctor was excited to be the Doctor again and travel with Clara. The Doctor visits her grave and reads her name. She is “Clara Oswin Oswald.” Oswin was the girl who save him and the Ponds when they were on the Asylum.
Clara is also known as soufflé girl because she like to make soufflés. I forgot to mention that in the last post. Whoops. The Doctor realizes that Clara from the Asylum and Clara from the 1800s is the same Clara. But how? Clara then becomes his impossible girl! The Doctor then gets excited and travels through time looking for the original Clara. The Doctor eventually finds her and they go off on more adventures.

The Doctor. The Doctor in this season is our same favorite Doctor. It is pretty different seeing him interact with a different companion other than Amy. Personally, I didn’t think Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman could compare in chemistry the way Matt and Karen Gillan (even Arthur Darvill) had.

Clara Oswald. I have to say I’m pretty biased about Clara. The perfect companion for the 11th Doctor is Amelia Pond and always will be. Clara is alright with him. I did get that whole trying to be Rose Tyler vibe. It’s pretty obvious she is interested in the Doctor. I’m not interested in another stupid love story like that. I feel like Clara got the short end of the stick when it came to her storyline. She was fantastic when we are first introduced to her. She is smart on her own and can get out things by herself. But I felt like her character was a bit dull as the series went on. It wasn’t until the 50th anniversary episode that Clara became a valuable companion. Yes, we could argue she did same the Doctor life, but still.

River Song. Yessss she came back! For a quick moment at the very end. She was already dead. She was guiding Clara and helping her help the Doctor. It did made me smile how River never told Clara who she was to the Doctor. It wasn’t until the Doctor mentioned that he was married to River that Clara found out. Her shock was awesome. Also, the last moments we see River, she is yelling at the Doctor and we think he doesn’t see her because only Clara could. But in reality the Doctor could always see her. He explained how he just choose not to speak to her because it would hurt him too much. They share a last kiss. It actually looked pretty weird to everyone else because Strax, Jenny Flint, and Madame Vastra can’t see River so it looks like the Doctor made out with air. Their faces were priceless. And then she was gone.

Ending. At the very end, our good friend Walter Simon is back. The Great Intelligence took ver his body. The forced the Doctor to go to Trenzalore. We find out that this is where the Doctor’s grave is. A Timelord must never visit his grave. This only means that it will happen and now it is a fixed point in time. Walter/Intelligence forces the Doctor to open his grave and inside we find a glowing beam. This beam is his personal timeline. Walter/Intelligence steps in to disrupt the Doctor’s life and turn all his winning moments into loses. This will kill the Great Intelligence, but it also will destroy the Doctor. This is when we find out how Clara is everywhere the Doctor is. She enters into the Doctor’s timeline and is spilt into a bunch of little Claras. She is reborn in different time periods and her only purpose is to save the Doctor. She meets almost all the Doctors and saves his life many times. But the Doctors never notices her. As the doctor regain strength, he steps into his own timeline to bring Clara out. At the end of the episode, Clara and the Doctor see one Doctor she never met. This is the Doctor’s secret and is not the Doctor. We end the episode with an elderly man’s face and the title “The Doctor” pops up.

Compare to the other series, I was okay with it.

My rating for Season 7.2: 7/10