Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: The Day of The Doctor (2013)

50TH WAS AMAZING!!!! 😀 😀 😀

Now I’m actually writing this right after I watched it. But I posted it later because I wanted to finish out all the reviews first. I’m a time traveler too! 😀 (A girl can dream)

The 50th Anniversary episode is centered around 3 Doctors. Doctor 11 (Matt Smith), Doctor 10 (David Tennant), and the War Doctor (John Hurt). Here we learn what happened during the last day of Gallifrey. The War Doctor decided that the only way to stop the time war was to kill everyone. Including children. He was in possession of a box that had the ability to kill everything and everyone around it. We follow the Doctor’s in different moments of his time stream.

11th Doctor. Clara is a school teacher and received a message from the Doctor. She rushes over to him by motorcycle. The Doctor has been summoned by UNIT regarding these 3d paintings which have been smashed opened from the inside. Something or someone has gotten out. 11 and Clara are joined by Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave), the daughter of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart who was one of the Doctor’s old friends. Kate brings the Doctor in by picking up his TARDIS. She shows him an art collection from Queen Elizabeth I (Joanna Page). The first painting shown to them is “Gallifrey Falls”. It’s only shown as a credential that the real Queen has asked for him to be called if something happens in her art gallery. The Doctor saw a fez in the gallery and decided to pick it up. The Doctor and Clara need to find out what came out of those paintings and where did they go. A time fissure opens up and 11 decides to throw his fez into it. He then just into it himself.

10th Doctor. 10 is having a lovely picnic with Queen Elizabeth in 1562. The two seem romantic together and the Queen has been smitten by The Doctor. The Doctor proposes to the Queen which she responded yes. However, the Doctor was only trying to trick her. He believed she was a Zygon. He insulted her only to find out that the horse they were riding on was actually the Zygon. As 10 and the Queen run away, the Zygon copied the Queen, making it much harder for the Doctor to figure out which is the real queen. While 10 is trying to figuring out who is who, a time fissure opens up. Out comes a fez and Doctor 11.

The two Doctors star to bicker with one another saying whose better, whose screw driver is better. Things like that. Clara is still on the other side of the time fissure and calls out for the Doctor. The both respond and let her know he can jump back. He throws his fez in, but Clara never gets it.

War Doctor. He has seen hardship. He has seen death. He is done with the war between the Time Lords and the Daleks. No more. The War Doctor must end it. He takes the Ultimate Weapon and head far away into the desert to detonate it. He believes it is the only way. As the War Doctor is trying to figure out the weapon, a woman shows up. The interface of the weapon took on the form of Rose Tyler in Bad Wolf form. She is called “The Moment.” The Moment let’s the Doctor know that what he is doing will affect him. He will be killing all the innocent children and that will affect his feature regenerations. The Doctor is set in his ways. The Moment decides she will allow him to see his feature self. She opens a time fissure and out comes a fez.

Three Doctors. Out pops the War Doctor in front of 10 and 11. 10 and 11 are shocked and the War Doctor thought they were the companions. The 3 of them start to bicker until the Queen and her guards throw them into the tower. During their time in the tower, the War Doctor had a chance to really look at the man he would become. He is was at first very surprised at how young his regenerations looked and acted. But he began to realize it was because of his actions on Gallifrey that day that will impact the feature Doctors.

Zygon Story. There are Zygons in modern UK and 1562 UK. They were the creatures who came out of the paintings. They were able to transfer their bodies into the paintings. They froze themselves in time and waiting until Earth was more interesting to take over. The Zygons have copied Kate and her colleagues. The Zygons are now in the tower with the most powerful weapons on Earth. The real Kate and her colleagues come in. The Humans warn the Zygons that if they don’t leave they will blow up all of London. The Doctors were able to hear that and were trying to stop Kate from doing what he did. The Tower is Tardis proof. But the Doctors were able to get the “Gallifrey Falls” painting into the tower by calling into the past. The Doctors come out of the painting and erases everyone’s memory for 2 hours. No one knows if they are Zygon or human. Together they need to work out a plan for harmony.

The Moment Has Come. The War Doctor watches over 10 and 11 as they work with the humans and Zygons. He admires the men they became and believes he still needs to destroy Gallifrey. The Moment takes the War Doctor back to his time and he is ready to push the big red button. He hates he is going to do it, but believes there is no other way. 10 and 11 show up. Clara told them that he still hasn’t done it yet. The three of them agree it still must be done. This time the War Doctor wont have to do it on his own. Clara begins to cry and begs them to think of another way. Clara tells 11 that he can figure it out.

Changing History. 11 come to the realization that there is another way! 10 and the War Doctor were confused. Then they all realize, there are 3 Doctors and no Dalek could prepare for that! The Doctors come up with a plan to freeze Gallifrey, in a single moment in time and hold it in a parallel pocket universe! By doing this, the Daleks wont see it coming and they will end up all shooting themselves in the crossfire.

The Doctors. The Doctors let Gallifrey know of their plan. The show up on these blue screens. Of course, those in charge are hesitant to their plan. But The Doctors let them know they started planning for this for a long time. Then ALL Doctors show up! There is an image of every Doctor in their TARDIS working together to save Gallifrey! When I say all I mean ALL, including the 12th Doctor! I’ll leave this image of only 10, 11, and War. Just so you have even more of a reason to watch it. So you can see the amazingness that went down!

Ending. The Doctors return to modern day London and look at the art piece of Gallifrey. It’s called Gallifrey Falls or No More. The 3 Doctors discuss that the War Doctor and 10 will not remember this moment because their time streams have been messed up. They should of have never crossed paths if it wasn’t for The Moment. The War Doctor and 10 will leave thinking they killed all those people on Gallifrey instead of saving them. The War Doctor says his goodbyes and leaves in his TARDIS. He starts his regeneration process. 10 ask 11 what he is hiding from him. 11 tell 10 that he has been to their grave in Trenzalore. 10 says, “I don’t want to go” and he leaves. 11 looks at the painting and then a curator shows up. The Curator (Tom Baker aka The Fourth Doctor) hints that he is the Doctor in the future revisiting old faces. But we can’t say for sure. The Curator let’s The Doctor know that the painting is actually called “Gallifrey Falls No More.” The Curator let’s him know he has a lot of work to do and leaves. The Doctor is excited and now knows he needs to find Gallifrey. The movie ends with a group picture of ALL Doctors (minus 12).

I skipped many important parts of the movie. MANY. So you need to watch it!

Understanding the Doctors. It all makes sense! I noticed, and I’m sure everyone else noticed, that the Doctor progressively became younger in the reboot. But it made sense. The 9th Doctor was angry because he just killed all his people. He had no problem not saving everyone. The 10th Doctor is the man who regrets. He regretted killing everyone, especially the children. To try and make up for that day, 10 always tries to save everyone. He wants to save as much people as he can. 11 is the man who forgets. He wanted to forget the man he was that day he killed the people of Gallifrey. the 11th Doctor is much more childish than 9 or 10. His way of coping with his lost is to forget, like a child. Something else needs to occupy his mind so he wont remember the pain. The War Doctor asked why 10 and 11 act so childish. What makes them so ashamed being a grown up? After saving Gallifrey, 11 will finally grow up. Which I believe is the reason that the 12th Doctor is an older Doctor.

The Doctors. Watching three different Doctors together was amazing! John Hurt did an amazing job as the War Doctor. We could really see a tired old man. He was sick of the war and his eyes showed it.
I absolutely love the little remarks the War Doctor would make at his regenerations.
War Doctor to 11 – “Are you capable of talking without moving your hands?”
“Oh the pointing again. They’re screw drivers, what are you going to do? Assemble a cabinet?”
War Doctor to 11 – “Timey Whimy?” 10 says, “I don’t know where he gets that stuff.” Even though it was 10 himself!
Of course I might be wrong with my quoting but it was something like that.
I loved how 10 and 11 bickered. They were comparing screwdrivers or how they don’t like the new TARDIS look. Tennant was awesome. He came back as if he never left. It was great to see him take on the Doctor again, even though it’s been about 5 yeas. It made me really miss him as that character. But I must say, Tennant should have had a better tailer for that suit. It looks like it didn’t fit him well at all. Smith was amazing as always! I’m pretty sad that the Christmas episode will be his last. He did an amazing job as the Doctor!
Catchphrases came back! Geronimo! Allons-y! Gallifrey Stands!

Clara. I didn’t describe her too much in detail. But I want to let you all know, Clara was amazing in the 50th. When they first brought Clara out, she was a great character. But when she became a season regular, it seemed her character a bit a dull. But in the 50th, she is smart and witty. She is the reason why the Doctors were able to come up with a new plan to save Gallifrey. Clara’s involvement in helping the Doctor made me like her so much than I ever had.
I noticed that Clara worked at the same school where Susan Foreman (Carole Ann Ford), the Doctor’s granddaughter, went to school. Clara was also looking at an image of Susan on the bulletin board when she was in the tower. Perhaps when the new older Doctor comes in, she will be more like a granddaughter/family to him? I don’t know I’m just guessing.

The Moment/Rose Tyler/Bad Wolf. As you all know, I am not a fan of Rose Tyler. The love story really ruined it for me and I couldn’t take it. BUT I absolutely loved Billie Piper as The Moment! She is so bad ass in her Bad Wolf form! She helped the War Doctor see the future. The way she talked was super cool too! I never thought I could like that character that much.

Queen Elizabeth I. The running joke has finally been explained! When 10 was with Martha visiting Shakespeare, we met an older Queen Elizabeth I trying to behead The Doctor. I believe it was the last Christmas special of 10 where he mentions that he married the queen and her nickname was no more. I always thought that explanation was weak! I didn’t feel complete unless I saw it happen instead of 10 just saying he married her. Steven Moffat did not disappoint! The Doctor did marry the Queen, a ceremony and everything. He then said he’ll be right back. But he never came back.

All 13 Doctors. By the time I’ve finished writing this, I’ve already watched the movie twice. When I watched in the theater I screamed with everyone else in excitement when all the Doctors started to show up. But the second time around, I actually got a little emotional. I’m watching history. This is a show that captivated the imagination of generations. These Doctors who are all considered a hero, are all together in one more. Yes it was a bunch of cut out scenes, but it still have a big impact. Everyone is working together to save people. It was beautiful how the end scene was as well. The smoke is coming out of the TARDIS and 11 walks out and stands with all the past Doctors. It was an awesome moment.

Easter Eggs. I couldn’t even name them all. So here is a link to show you some of the best ones! Did anyone catch the 11th Doctor saying “Back to the Future”? 🙂 CLICK ME

Steven Moffat. I never mentioned him and I almost forgot! Moffat did a great job with the 50th! It was everything I wanted and more! I was on an emotional roller coster throughout the film. It was just brilliant.

Please know, now that you’ve reached the end of my post, I skipped A LOT of things. I am only highlighting a few of the amazing things that happened.

What a great episode! If you have the chance to watch it. ALWAYS WATCH IT. Even if it’s your 10th time watching it. WATCH IT AGAIN!


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