Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Time of the Doctor (2013)

BBC, England, English

So let’s talk about how sad I am that Matt Smith is no longer the Doctor. 😦 2013 Christmas episode was the last Doctor Who episode for Matt Smith as the Doctor. And I must say, it was beautiful. Sadly, beautiful.

The Doctor is circling around a planet that is transmitting signals. The Doctor and his Cyberman head personal assistant Handles are trying to figure out the message. It’ also Christmas on Earth and Clara called the Doctor to come back to be he pretend boyfriend. Of course the Doctor does it and he is completely naked. Handles finally translates the message and he identifies the planet to be Gallifrey. Doctor knows it is not so he goes crazy for a little bit.

The Doctor is called on to the Church of Papal Mainframe by Tasha, the Mother Superious. Tasha has created a force field around the planet and asks he Doctor if he could explore the planet and figure out the cause of the message.

Once on the planet, the Doctor and Clara meet the local town people in a town called Christmas and they soon discover that they are in a truth field. No one in the town can lie. Since the Doctor came on the planet with his Tardis, the Tardis was able to translate the message. The message says, “Doctor who?” Which is the first question.

It turns out Gallifrey is stuck in a pocket universe and they found the weakest point in the Doctor’s universe. That weak point is out good ol’ friend the crack (seen in Amy Pond’s room). If the Doctor answers their question, it means that Gallifrey has found the rig universe and will try to come back. However, since their message has been projecting all around this universe. All of the Timelords enemies are hovering the planet waiting to start another Time War.

Tasha wants to destroy the planet but the Doctor wont allow it. The Doctor asked Tasha what planet he is own. “Tenzalore” The Doctor’s final resting place. The Doctor decides he’s going to stay and protect this planet and all the people on it from any attack. He tricks Clara into going home, but she finds a way back to him…300 years later.

When Clara gets back, we learn that although he is known as the 11th Doctor, he has already used up all 12 of his regenerations. He knows he will die soon. The Doctor has grown close to the people of Christmas. The children adore him. His trusty friend Handles has been with him the whole time, but sadly Handles died. The Doctor goes back up to meet with Tasha and brings Clara along. He learns that Tasha works with the Silence (from the 6th Season). The Silence are actually peacekeepers. However, a branch of the broke off form the Church and tried to kill the Doctor by going back into his past. Which is ironic because they are the cause of the crack in the first place by blowing up his Tardis. They are also the ones who tried to raise River Song to be a killer. Tasha’s was not a part of those events.

Tasha and her team were actually taken over by Daleks and were turned into puppets. Tasha try to kill the Doctor, however, after a bit of taunting form the Doctor, Tasha reigns control of her body.

The Doctor once again tricks Clara into going back home. Sad Clara waits at home until she hears the Tardis. She finds out that Tasha is actually the one controlling that. Tasha let’s Clara know that “no one should die alone” and brings her to the Doctor. Years has passed for the Doctor his he saw Clara. To Clara, this is all happening in one day. The Doctor is much older, frail, and losing his memory a bit. The Daleks return and the Doctor goes up to face them one more time. He is awaiting his death. Desperate to do something, Clara begs the Timelords through the crack to help him. Clara’s plea for help is heard and the Timelords award the Doctor a brand new regeneration cycle.

The Doctor is excited and he begins to regenerate. This is the biggest regeneration yet. After the Doctor gets rid of the Daleks, Clara searches for the Doctor and find him back to his young self. Clara is excited and believes he will take that way, but the Doctor shares that regeneration is taking longer than usual.

The Doctor delivers a speech to Clara about how everything comes to an end. As the Doctor is speaking to Clara he begins to hallucinates. He sees young Amelia Pond and then older Amy Pond appears in front of him for a brief moment and says “Good bye Raggedy man.” He looks at Clara and drops his bowtie. All of a sudden in a quick moment, he fully regenerates and BAM 12th Doctor appears with a shocked Clara watching it all. The episode ends with the Doctor asking if Clara knew how to drive the Tardis.

Continuity. Everything made sense! Steven Moffat you are genius. Moffat tied together everything that happened to the 11th Doctor in the end. We find out why the crack existed in the first place. We find out exactly who the Silence was. It was almost too much for me to handle!

Questions Answered. I felt that this episode was a big, “here are the answers to the questions!” especially the regeneration question. We know timecards are allowed 12. 8 to War counts and sometime during 10’s run, he regenerated into the same person. He had “vanity issues” at the time.

End of an Era. The final scene killed me. I almost cried seeing little Amelia running around. The all of a sudden Amy shows up. I couldn’t deal it was way too much. But it was perfect. The symbolism was awesome. The big town clock strikes 12, meaning 11th hour is over and it’s time for 12. The moment he drops his bowtie to the ground, we know his time is up. The bowtie will always be the 11th Doctor. He drops it to show that times are changing. Compared to the other regenerations of 9 and 10, I thought 11 was special because he was actually looking forward to the change. He seemed happy that it’s time for change.

This was such an emotional episode for me. I didn’t realize how attached to Matt Smith I was. I always said, the 10th Doctor was my favorite. But as time went on and I got used to Matt Smith, I think I liked him a lot more than I thought. Matt brought youthfulness to the Doctor. The Doctor was weird, crazy, unorganized chaos, and I loved every bit of him. I am going to miss Matt Smith, but I am looking forward to what Peter Capaldi brings to the table. Especially, after the Day of the Doctor, I knew it was time for an older Doctor. Goodbye Matt Smith. We’ll miss you!

My Rating: 1000000000/10


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