Populaire (2012)

Director: Régis Roinsard
France, French

Very, very adorable movie. Not like a little kid movie, but a cute innocent romance between two people.

Set in the late 1950s, Rose Pamphyle (Déborah François) is a country girl who wants to experience what else is out there. She dreams of becoming a secretary. She moves to the city and takes a secretarial job at an insurance agency. Her boss Louis Échard (Romain Duris), thinks she is a terrible secretary, but he soon discovers she types extraordinarily fast. He decides to take her in as a secretary and train her for a competitions to become the fastest typist in the world! We meet Bob Taylor (Shaun Benson) and Marie Taylor (Bérénice Bejo). The Taylors are a married couple. Bob is best friends with Louis and is a childhood friend of Marie, and her ex. Throughout the film we see Louis being torn by still loving his married childhood sweet heart, Marie and a new young fresh protégée who is obviously in love with him.

I really enjoyed watching this film. I like the feel of 1950s and this movie hit the mark for me.

The character of Rose was great to watch develop on film. She goes from being a shy young girl to a confident career woman. Yes, it’s a little cheesy watching her fall head over heels for Louis, but I still enjoyed it.

From my review you might think Louis and Marie had a relationship behind Bob’s back, but they really didn’t. Louis was in love with Marie while Marie was in love with her husband. Marie was actually the driving force in getting Louis and Rose together. Marie was all for Louis and Rose, it was just Louis who needed a little push in convincing himself that Rose was a good thing for him.

Just so I can get Bob in the review, I thought it was great how Louis and Bob were best friends. Although Louis was in love with Bob’s wife, he never dared to try and still her away from Bob. He respected their friendship. Louis expressed his feelings to Marie, but knew he could never beat Bob. Bob on the other hand seemed a little clueless about Louis and Marie ever dated. But if he did know, it probably didn’t bother him at all.

It was a great film, the only thing I didn’t like was how long it was. I’ve watched a lot of long movies, but this had to have been the longest romantic comedy I’ve ever watched. To me the film seemed really slow.

My Rating: 9/10


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