Blackfish (2013)

Director: Gabriela Cowperthwaite
USA, English

Can I just say, this is the most eye opening documentary I’ve ever watched. I remember being young and going to SeaWorld with my family. I was so excited to see the whales and the trainers. I wanted to be in the splash zone. I had this image that the whales were being taking care of and that they loved entreating young children. I was under the impression that was all fun and games. This film made me see things in a whole new light. I guess I never thought much about SeaWorld when I got older. In my 20s I still had these thoughts about SeaWorld that I had when I was 4. I was wrong.

Blackfish opened the door for the public to see what was actually going on with the whales in SeaWorld. These whales were mistreated, captured and taken away from their families. The whales would be kept in tiny tanks with other whales from other whale tribes. If I was cooped up in a tank that was hardly fit for my body I would rage out just as the whales did. These captured whales became aggressive. They became angry. They fought back. Tragically, some trainers lost their lives because of the aggression from the whales. The killer whales lived up to their names when they were in captivity. However, out in the wild, these whales are opposite.

Dawn Brancheau lost her life from a SeaWorld whale attack

Dawn Brancheau lost her life from a SeaWorld whale attack

Interviews with trainers and their families were intense. You would never imagine what they had to go through. What made it crazy was how SeaWorld never blamed the whales or the aggression of the whales. If there was a mishap, it was the fault of the trainer not the whales. SeaWorld just didn’t want to admit their treatment of the whales were causing the aggression, thus leading to the whales lashing out at the trainers.

This documentary made me really aware of the mistreatment of whales in captivity. The shows in SeaWorld were really just shows. Once the lights turned off and the audience is gone, whales are stuck. These whales do not know life outside captivity. Who knows if most of them could even survive on their own.

I no longer think these whales are happy with SeaWorld. I hate how they are being torn from their tribes. I hate how young whales are being pulled from their mothers. I hate how they are being breed with one another (even if they are related), thus creating a more aggressive generation. There needs to be a stop to SeaWorld. This can’t happen anymore.

Best Documentary.
My Rating: 10/10