The Legend of Korra – Season 2: Spirits (2013)

Channel: Nickelodeon
USA, English

Let me just say, I’m a hardcore Avatar: The Last Air Bender. I watched the first season of The Legend of Korra just to see how it stacks up to the Avatar. The first season was alright. I can’t say I loved it but I didn’t hate it. I liked it enough that I have season 2 a chance. I guess my feelings for season 2 is exactly the same. Not special, but not terrible.

Korra is still learning airbending. Mako works for the police. Bolin is still pro-bending but not as good as before. Asami is trying to keep her family business a float. The story flows Korra as she gets into a fight with Tenzin and visits her family.

This season is all about connecting the Avatar to the spirit world. Korra learns that she is the bridge between the two worlds and must establish peace before chaos happens. The aspect of the spirit world is my favorite part of about this season. Korra learns more about her past lives and uses that knowledge to connect the two worlds. The saddest part of about this that she loses her connection with her past lives. I wonder how they plan to use this storyline. The connection to her past lives was one of the unique things about the Avatar. I’m excited to see what the writers plan to do with this.

Family is a big theme this season. We see Korra facing family issues between her dad and her uncle, Unalaq. We learn that her uncle framed her dad in order to become the head of the Northern Water Tribe. Korra also has to deal with her cousin, Desna and Eska. By the end of the season, Korra and her cousins reach a mutual agreement.
Korra is not the only person who deals with family this season. We get to really know Tenzin’s family. We learn that his relationship with his father Ang is very different than his sister, Kya’s, and brother, Bumi’s, experience. The siblings become closer than they ever had before when they had to work together to look for Tenzin’s daughter Jinora. Jinora has a closer bond to the spirit world than her father, which actually makes Tenzin jealous of his daughter.

I actually hated Mako and Asmai this season. Maybe because once Mako and Korra broke up, a few days later their friend Asami moves in on Mako. As if to say she was always waiting for them to break up. By the end, Korra and Mako official break up. I hope there are no more love stories in the next season. To me, it cheapens the story. It seems like because they are young adults that they need a love story. No. They don’t need one.

Bolin’s character seemed to be just the comic relief. He never seems important enough for the story. But they just need to keep him there. Maybe make a Bolin storyline where he is actually doing something important. Maybe. Just a suggestion.

This season was eh. It could of been better. But it could have been worst.

My Rating: 5/10